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10 May 2009


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The posy is gorgeous - what a lovely thing for him to do for you. Can't remember the last time I was brought so much as a dandelion! x


Better than anything at Columbia Road! And you simply must win the egg cosy :) K x


I just love posies of wildflowers. You are doing very well in the votes - well done


What a lovely little burst of colour! I am sure that little posy is making you very happy. I love your blog - well done on the nomination!


Beautiful posy... he obviously has talent.

The Antidote

love the posy, bet that means a lot more to you than a fancy pants delivered bouquet x


Ooo - how pretty and what a lovely thing to do. Our cornflowers have a couple of weeks to go, but they're on their way - that's if I can fend off the squirrels. ;)


My tinykin picked a posy for my FIL's ladyfriend this weekend. It was gorgeous, and far prettier than any I ever go out to pick! In fact, I may get her to create one to go beside my bed.


Just lovely and how sweet that he wanted to do it!

UK lass in US

What a sweetheart. My two brought home paper flower bouquets from school / preschool - but my daughter did not want to hand hers over to me. She was rather keen on keeping them herself...


It really is a gorgeous posy. I always seem to make mine look cramped and unhappy, no matter how hard I try, which is, truthfully, not very hard.

He has a future in design indeed...

The Coffee Lady

I wish I had enough live flowers in my garden to go around cutting them off.


Gorgeous vibrant posy Ali - I love those perennial cornflowers - they remind me of my grandad x

Lucy Locket-Pocket

What a lovely Sunday treat! Lucy x



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