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25 May 2009


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Lucy Locket-Pocket

Still very clever and beautiful though! Lucy x


Gorgeous! Although couldn't you make the discs double like a cushion and stick a penny in between the two, like the cushion padding? That might give it just enough weight to hang properly?


I'm glad you had a go though. I tried something similar and I couldn't get it to lie flat either. Back to the drawing board!


I really love the bracelets though. So effective and dainty, yet they make a good eye punch. Very clever you are!


such dainty crochet! they look lovely as a bracelet. i know it would spoil the organic look of the piece, but would it work as a necklace if you blocked or even starched it?


I like it as a bracelet.

The Antidote

Well done you! To make something so delicate as a first attempt is quite something.
I promise, you will be addicted now!

Alice C

Could you starch the cotton?


I actually prefer your bracelet to the necklaces! Very clever.


Another reason for me to keep trying to learn to crochet when such pretty things can be made.
Well done yu for having the determination and skill.


I think it's nicer than the necklaces too ...and it's only your first one..x


beautiful! both your verion and the originals. how i wish i could crochet... sigh.

The Coffee Lady

I have the same problem with making necklaces - never quite right. Still, there's a glow of satisfaction to be had, surely?


Wow!! I think it's really lovely and well done for getting going on the crochet. Now I want to try one of those too!


I think that the bracelet looks great! I have never mastered the art of crochet...


Sadly, the vision in my head fails to materialise much more often than it actually does materialise. For what it's worth though, I absolutely love that bracelet - it's fabulous. Well done you. x

UK lass in US

You might be able to find something suitable to weight it - maybe one of those wee fishing weights that look more like a metal bead would be enough?


I love it. Also love the expression "rats." must use that. :)


The bracelet is marvy, but I totally sympathize with the desire to make something and the results not being what you wanted. But I so rarely get something right the first time, I'd be awfully tempted to give the necklace another go!



I still think it turned out really cute!!!
Any more crochet projects planned for the future?


I love the delicate bracelet. I often see things then try to reproduce them. I don't think I would have the patience for such delicate work - Well done


Well, fail or not, that bracelet sure is cute!


oh yup, I TOLD YOU SO.

I'm still battling with that problem... beads are a way to add weight, but then the whole necklace changes.

Have you tried 'iron' it? It's cotton after all....


Isn't silk a bit heavier? I'd go with a bead sewn in the centre though myself, but all in all, I love the bracelet!


I love the colours and the simplicity of the little circles. Don't knock it - it's lovely!


it still looks really nice, pretty and lovely, i like it!!
felicity xx


What an exquisite little bracelet you made!


Perhaps a fine wire run through it would allow it to bend into a stable shape (or any shape you wanted)?


That's really cute.

Top Bird @ Wee Birdy

Oh they're really lovely and delicate - just the thing to wrap around your wrist. xx


I also ilke it is it for sell

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