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07 May 2009


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How super. Have just placed my vote and will make sure G does the same tonight! I love Dorset Cereals, including the children's one. And their website is so much fun too, although I'm getting a bit fed up with spinning the bottle every morning to no avail...

K x


I love Dorset Cereals but am far too much of a cheapskate to buy it when it's so cheap to make your own muesli ;-) Wouldn't say no to a free crate though so I'll head on over and vote for you!


Congratulations! I've voted for you

April xx


I had just come over from there to tell you that you had 17 votes already and saw that you had the 'vote for me' thingy up.


Woo hoo! I've voted...for you of course.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Well done for the nomination! I've voted! Lucy x


How great. Do you know who nominated you?


I voted for you too. I love everything about Dorset Cereals - the packaging really speaks to me - they know what they're doing don't they, with their clever marketing!



Fantastic! Well done you... I'm off to vote right now.

UK lass in US

I voted.


If any blog could be considered honest, tasty and real, yours would be it. Consider yourself voted for.


Congrats, I just voted for you.


Oooh - congratulations - am off to vote. xxx


It looks as if you are getting a much better reaction than our politicians can expect for Local and European elections next month. Maybe Dorset Cereals could be added to their troughs!

My vote has been cast.

Alice C

Hurray! What a great marketing idea from Dorset Cereals and how delightful to vote for you.


My favourite is the one with spelt in teh grey green box. tesco say it doesn't exist so I'm on a different colour box at the moment.


Congratulations! This is a lovely blog, so the nomination is richly deserved.

Victoria Leather

Been a long time fan of your Blog so I popped over and put in a vote for you! Very well deserved nomination.


Well done, I voted for you! Love Salx


Just got home after talking to you and I've voted....how efficient am I? I'd love to chat about blogging when we get back from our travels. I'll be in touch. Good luck!

Simply H

Well done! I have just voted for you - 64 votes when I did it!
I loved the look of the Catherine Rayner books think my kids would love the tiger one!

The Coffee Lady

ooh I voted! Mr Coffee loves this stuff.


Well done for getting nominated, you've got my vote!


How exciting! I've just been to vote. Good luck! x


I voted for you--good luck! Now I'll go vote for you on my husband's computer. Fun!



I have the feeling that an egg cozy will be yours soon...I voted for you obviously!


their dates and banana porridge is divine. your blog is brilliant.

You have my vote.


Ooh congratulations! I'll pop over and cast my vote right away :-)



Reading your blog since the start and so took care that you got 4 votes in one: one from me and three from my daughters ! We all love to read your stories


you get my vote any day of the week!


I have duly voted for you! I love Dorset Cereal. It is my daily luxury!!!x

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