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06 May 2009


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Oh how fun! I LOVE children's books and shamelessly admit to enjoying read-aloud time with my children more than they did. And also, is there anything more fun that being inspired by someone creative? I've checked this little gem out on Amazon and now it's on my wishlist so I won't forget. After all, I must be prepared someday for grandchildren. ;-)


The talk sounds like it was wonderful!

How interesting to hear about her process and browse through her sketchbooks in person. Looking at snippets from her sketchbooks online, I'm not sure I would have been able to give them back!

K x


You're right, the ability to find joy in the everyday is a talent indeed.


Thank you for the recommendation ... would my two be too old for this now? I love reading aloud and my son especially enjoys it. It's always good to have a good story recommended. x

Lucy Locket-Pocket

I think blogging helps us find joy and beauty in the everyday items. Sounds like a great book too. Lucy x


I LOVE this book. Especially the illustrations.


This is a lovely book. Our school library has just acquired a half a dozen or so copies in various dual languages for EAL support, in addition of course to having an English only copy... Sounds like a great talk.

UK lass in US

I'll have to keep an eye out for that one. I always have a soft spot for well-illustrated children's books.

The Antidote

My little boy LOVED this book when he was smaller.


We had that book from the library a while ago and I found it very moving too. The pictures are beautiful.


What a great book recommendation. What a lovely evening to see her work and hear her talk, you have a great job.


It looks like a gorgeous book and how lucky for you to get to meet her and see her beautiful illustrations. I will have to get that for the girls.


The best bit about reading books with your children is when you get to the stage you actually enjoy the book yourself as well. I now read books with my 10 year old daughter that I find hard to put down. Michael Morpurgo is our favourite, he manages to make me cry almost with every book.

The Coffee Lady

oh lord, don't give me more children's books to cry about


awesome, we need more books like this, now more than ever!

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