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18 May 2009


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My children are now at the age where they are out at least as much as they are in. I suspect in years to come the balance is going to tip towards 'out more than in' but really that's how it should be, isn't it? I can remember my parents telling me I treated the place like a hotel ... if my kids do the same, I'll kind of feel like I did something right!

That's a great photo - Mark is so handsome. x


At the moment mine are definitely more in than out. I don't think it will last though ... and I'm not sure how I feel about that yet.


Do not fear. Your sweet boys will never stray very far from your good heart, and oh! what a good heart you have! I have only just discovered blogs and have been exploring them like mad, trying to learn everything I can, because I want to start one, too. I’ve even been studying the comments on various blogs to see what that is all about, and guess what? Time after time I find your name in someone’s comment section giving them compliments and moral support and good wishes. What a lovely soul you are to send so much goodheartedness out into the universe like that! Bless you!!

From Kari (rhymes with starry)
On the other side of the world from you in Austin, Texas.


It feels as though you blink and you'll miss it, doesn't it?
No2 is still in more than out, but not in in, if you get my drift. Just in, doing his own thing without much necessity for me other than keeping a well-stocked fridge!


That is what it's like until one day they don't want to do things with you at all. If we suggest Jacob might want to come out with us his standard reply is "I'll pass on that one" but they grow up and become good companions in different ways... and it's still wonderful!

Ramona Wildeman

My boy and girl are 14 - and several times this year they have both gone to events at school and are not home for dinner and my husband and I find ourselves sitting across from each other at the table - just the two of us - just like before they were born and it is the WIERDEST feeling ever.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

I wish it was possible to just freeze time and keep the children small! Lucy x

Junie Moon

I understand completely what the two of you are feeling. My children are grown and gone now; my memories are sweet and bittersweet at the same time.


CK and I had just this discussion the other night. Both kids were out from post-school until nearly 8pm and we kind of just sat around looking at each other. It was very odd.


I took my two to see this show during October half term last year. We loved the Tiger aerobics and the sing song at the end.
I know what you mean about time passing. I hate the cross words and silly arguments as this time when they are young will pass all to soon and I want there to be as many happy times as we can manage to remember.


My kids are not quite there yet, but I can feel it coming...too soon!


And then one day you'll wake up and they'll be gone. They'll always come back, but you'll long for those days when they were little and you couldn't pry them from your side!

Mary Smith

Sometimes when I am feeling overwhelmed, I remember that one day, I will be on my own, and might wish for these moments back again. Then I cherish that moment with more joy.


Don't worry they will be back under your feet come winter!


It's definitely sobering to see how quickly they grow!


That makes me cry.Seven year old is certainly starting to think he is thirty and five year old has always assumed he is one of the grown ups.Mushy cuddles are getting less and less even now.I love some quiet but not that sort.Not yet.xx


i totally get this.

UK lass in US

I'm not ready for that stage. I thought I was. I thought that I might even be looking forward to it a little. Then I realised that time is playing tricks on me and passing me by so fast. So I know that when we get to that stage, I'll blink and it will be gone and I'll regret ever wishing away this stage. Even if they are driving me crazy some days...


gorgeous gorgeous photo!!

(we've had a similar conversation not so long ago. As nice as it is to be able to sit around and read the newspaper... it's kind of sad too)

Victoria Leather

What a lovely photo of your son. The show is fabulous fun isn't it? I took my middle one and we both loved it, though he did have a moment of "I'm too big for this" but once that tiger appeared he was soon shouting with the best of them.

As my 3 grow bigger I'm seeing there is as much fun to be had as they grow older as when they are mini, so don't despair quite yet. Have a look around for a tree-trek/zip wire day out - now that's big boys fun!!!


My eldest is at that stage and I see him head out the door I wnat to pull him back in and sweep him up in my arms, be mine agian, just for a few moments but then I also want to hold the door open for him and for him to know that I will always hold the door open for him whenever he needs to go off into the world and I will still be waiting at that open door for him to come back.


So much of parenting leaves us with a lump in our throats.


Glad you enjoyed the 'Tiger who came to tea' Lady A is still talking about it.I love things like that and lunch at a noodle bar sounds right up our street.

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