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04 May 2009


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Sounds like a lovely day out. Y'know, I've never been to Columbia Road or the Mus of Childhood - must rectify that one day soon.


What a wonderful day out. I very nearly did a workshop with Jessie Chorley last year... we might have met and not realised it but sadly in the end I couldn't make the date!


Sounds like a perfect day. So, there really is a street named quilter? I thought those were just signs they sold at quilt shows!


Oh, it's years since I visited the Museum of Childhood. We had lunch in a dodgy caff close by - might give that a miss next time but I bet the children would like the museum. Hmmm.

Simply H

Ooh lovely, a day to yourself! and what a fab day it looks like you had too! I must go to Rob Ryan's shop one day, I love his work.


Thank you for sharing this blissful day - even on the other side of the world I was so happy to follow you around!


A perfect day! K x


What a great day out. And I could easily be seduced by vintage scalextric....

UK lass in US

I need to find friends with a caravan. That sounds like a great Sunday.

They don't seem to have jelly diamonds or silver balls (I believe those are the technical terms) over here. Children's birthdays just aren't the same anymore...


Oh glorious freedom. I dream of such a day.


I'm trying not to be jealous... really trying... sigh..

I had a weekend full of relatives and weeding. Not quite the same thing.


The Coffee Lady

You truly are an inspiration. Up at dawn at a flower market - I would have stayed in bed and read a book.


sounds like a wonderful day - and how fab to have a kid free weekend (in the nicest possible way)! Remember going to the Mus of Childhood years ago, but had forgotten all about it - must organise taking the children there x


Sounds like you had a wonderful day. That childhood museum looked good, although not sure that I could bear those crowds, I don't do well in crowds.


I went to the Museum of Childhood with my Mum a couple of weeks ago (and left the baby at home with the husband!). Lots of 'I remember that's.


The cupcakes look yummy anyway, and we want to see what you purchased at Ryantown!!! The day sounds fun.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

What a fab day out! But what did you buy????

Alice C

Oh! That Kristina knows all the best places - I am feeling jealous - if only it was possible to be on two places at once.

Jane Weston

There's a Quilters Street! Wow - there is everything in London!

Sounds like a wonderful day out.


There's an Italian bistro that we go to occasionally that has similar lighting. They use graters over the smaller tables, colanders over the larger, and pieces of various metal over others. They even have a Tower of Pisa on the wall, made from various kitchen implements.

I found your blog by way of your old blogspot (and a reply to your cabo halter top post). I'm enjoying looking around. :-)

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