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04 April 2009


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oh fantabulous!

(and are you making the huge butterfly too? (which always looked upside down to me in the book)

Have a great caterpillaversary...

French Knots

Perhaps some diluted PVA would work as a stiffener? I used to make 3d embroideries and it did the trick for me. Sounds like fun!


Oh that looks like so much fun! The weather here is ok so far ... fingers crossed it's the same for you, down the road! x


It does sound like a lot of fun - we love the very hungry caterpillar. I hope the sun shines and the courtyard echos with the happy sound of excited little voices.


Oh How Fun! I LOVE those thumbprint caterpillars -- VERY clever!

The Antidote

EVERYONE needs to be celebrating this birthday!
Have fun x

Lucy Locket-Pocket

It all looks very exciting! I want one of those thumbprint caterpillar bookmarks!!!!!!

Lucy x


Hope the sun shines and lots of fun is had by all.
Love the caterpillar bookmark idea.


this is so great!


What fun! And such a wonderful book!


It all looks and sounds wonderful, and I particularly love the bookmarks! Fingers and toes crossed for lots of sunshine. Did I ever tell you I met Eric Carle in my museum-management days? He was so jolly and lovely. K x


that is a great idea - i love parties like that. you doing a great job. we have been in his museum while we lived in Amherst right after in opened.


How wonderful! I will have to do some of those things with the girls as it's school holidays here. Have a lovely party!


What brilliant ideas! I wish I could come along. We have just bought an assortment of Carle books as a christening gift, I am loving the seahorse book with acetate!


How I love the feelers.

Over here we have a product called 'Stiffy' which would be perfect for them.

(Oh stop snickering you lot).

UK lass in US

I've finally decided what I want to do when I grow up: I want a job in a bookstore, where I get to make hungry caterpillars.

I wish we could come to the party.


How wonderful! We're great fans of the Very Hungry Caterpillar in this house too! Think I might have to pinch your thumbprint idea - those bookmarks look wonderful and it's something I can do with baby small. Good luck with the party!


There's an award for you on my blog

April xx


What a fantastic idea! I love that book. Have you seen the Portmeirion range? Great Christening presents. Have a super party! C x


Oh, such fun...wish I could drop in and join in!


Love those bookmarks. How fun to be organising that,wish we lived near the bookshop. Have a great time with it


Fabulous ideas for activities Ali - the VHC is ALWAYS a winner. MissP1 loves her giant VHC jigsaw and the book helped me to teach her to count.

Love the fingerprint caterpillars x


The thumb-print caterpillars is the most amazing idea - I love it. You clever thing - I hope you have the most fantastic party. x

Hope the party was lots of fun! I'm sure there were lots of smiling faces. Did you see the Google icon of the Hungry Caterpillar a few weeks back? I had to email a link to all my friends!

I worked in a children's bookshop while I was in sixth form and at uni. I loved all the crafts, storytimes and face painting - it never failed to cheer you up and was so rewarding. I'm sure you had as much fun as the children! x


What fantastic projects, Ali! I'm sure everyone will enjoy them. Clever, you.


I hope the party was a huge success--I love all the stuff you had for it! We are big Eric Carle fans around here, and children's bookstores, too!


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