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09 April 2009


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Too delightful!
We haven't seen the Timmy show yet, but we love Shaun! and of course W & G


Super sheep cakes! We are also a Shaun and W&G household over here. What is it about bauble eyed sheep coyly chewing their cud that is so addictive? I don't know but we've definitely caught the bug.


How CUTE! A very Happy Easter to the Domesticali family!


the are absolutely darling


Oh good heavens, those are adorable. Almost too cute to eat.

UK lass in US

They are very cute. You really put all culinary efforts of mine to shame (I tried the custard powder trick - but only got a gentle swelling. Maybe it's my oven. Or the American flour. I'm sure it can't be me...)

Enjoy your weekend!


I think yours have nicer faces than the Waitrose ones.


Absolutely brilliant!!! Have a super Easter! Cat x


They are wonderful. Hope you all have a really lovely Bank Holiday weekend. x


I love these!!! I am very happy to hear that your husband has got a job. I am sure this will make your Easter even more special. x


Who doesn't love Shaun the sheep.
I bet your son was over the moon with you for those.
Enjoy your Easter.


My daughter loves Shaun the sheep and those cupcakes are amazing. I must go to Waitrose and get a copy of their magazine.


Aw, stinkin' cute! And they're absolutely *perfect* for Spring and Easter. Have a happy one!


Hmmm....Timmy hasn't been seen in Australia yet...at least not by us. Anything Aardman made or inspired is always welcome around here though. Your cakes are beautiful! Happy Easter!



Cara @ Turvys

I fell in love with these the minute I saw them in the magazine. First batch were demolished on the day of creation, so new batch won't be made until tomorrow - so we might have a few to take to my dad's on Sunday! Happy Easter.


Such wonderful cupcakes! We saw a preview of Timmy Time on the news, and I'm very excited about it. Hoping we can watch it on iPlayer... K x

Lucy Locket-Pocket

ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT CAKES!!!! Totally fab Ali! Can you post some up here too?!

Lucy x


I love Timmy the Sheep! My fiance is called Tim and I've got the theme tune as his ringtone on my phone! I'm going to have to make him some of these, they're brilliant :)

Simply H

Ha ha ha! These are fantastic! Brillaint Easter cakes. My kids are loving Timmy, I am going to have to make these!!


We love Shaun -who's Timmy? Must investigate. Congratulations to your husband on the job.


we know Shaun but have yet to meet Timmy too....Johnny has good taste.


Oh, these are wonderful1

Happy Easter, Ali!



I love these! They're great!


Not seen Timmy yet but these look great, save one for me! Happy Easter Ali, I hope your mum appreciates them, I would! Love Salx


These are fantastic! I saw the trailers for Timmy's own show but haven't caught any of them yet - we have the Shaun the Sheep DVDs in the house!

Must try to make a little timmy cake too!


I saw these in that booklet and never got around to trying them out. They look so good.

Yes my two have just started watching 'Timmy time' although I think they thought at first that it was Shaun the Sheep

Jane Weston

Wow - those are cute! Hope you have a great Easter Weekend!


Oh I loove these! So amazing!!

Karen J

Timmy Time is a BIG hit in this house, too! So I've been keeping the smallest person in my house away from the computer when I'm here so he doesn't see your creations!!!!! I know, such a bad Mum - or maybe just a good Mum with no time!!!!


They are truly amazing. So gorgeous!


Cakey brilliance! My two would love these as they're utterly obsessed with Timmy at the moment (after a long-standing obsession with Shaun the sheep!). I must have a go at these with them, though I fear that my modelling skills may not be up to the job!


Love them!


You are a cupcake queen to be sure, I hope your mother enjoyed them.


those are superb!!!


These are sooo cute, I love them!


I love these - going to make some today!

Cybèle de Jong

How cool are they? I wish I'd known about these before my two children's birthdays (earlier this month), they both love Shaun and Timmy (despite now being 10 and 7...) It helps that their mother can also laugh hysterically at Shaun's antics..
Just found your blog through Julie's Little Cotton Rabbits.


hi, those look yummy, does any1 know where i can download the theme tune so i can put it on my phone :)

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WWWOOOOOWWW! SO cute, love them.

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