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23 April 2009


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Oh Ali, this looks like such a wonderful event, well done to you and your colleagues. That has always been one of my favourite books and thankfully my children loved it with me, we used to spend whole afternoons acting it out!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

It all sounds fabulous! I wish I could have been there too! Lucy x

The Antidote

What a fitting anniversary tribute x


Glad the weather smiled on you guys. That's a cute party theme. I know this is totally out there but how cool would it have been to give out take home gift bags that had those little butterfly cocoons in them or better yet a box that when they open a real buttyfly comes out. :)


This looks like so much fun and is full of great ideas for people interested in a Carle birthday party as well! I love it, I'll be linking.


It looks perfect, Ali!!! Thank you so much for sharing this special event with us. Those kids will remember that forever, you know...


what a lovely event... the hungry caterpillar is such a great book. love the bookmarks... inspired!


That looks like so much fun! I love the bookmarks!

April xx


I could have done with all these fabulous ideas two years ago with my "Hungry" obsessed son wanted such a birthday party! Wonderful!


that looks absolutely fabulous! and you got the weather! the bookmarks are such a lovely idea...and the cake!

what a hoot!


What a great party! My kids love the Hungry Little Caterpillar and I think we will be trying out your wonderful bookmarks!

painted fish studio

oh hooray! what a wonderful way to celebrate the hungry little caterpillar!


Well done. Wish I could have come along for that one, my kids would have loved it. Love the bookmarks


It looks like a great event - the thumb mark bookmarks are great! I also have to see that pop up version of the book. There was Hungry Caterpillar stuff all over Japan so I managed to get a little bento box for my friend's little boy! Too cute!

The Coffee Lady

I love those bookmarks - and the cakes, of course... I must go explore that cupcake website a little more...

Jane Weston

Looks like a great party! Every year we do the hungry caterpillar with our kids at work...I'm thinking I might borrow a few ideas! thanks :o)


I love it! I especially love the cakes - oh, and the big plate caterpillar - oh, all of it!

Karen J

So glad it all went well - and the weather was good for you, what a bonus!!
Can just imagine that lovely, big caterpillar in the window - I bet it looks wonderful.
Would Mark etc like to open another shop in Gloucester or Cheltenham so I could work there, please?


That looks great! I might have to borrow some of those ideas for my daughter's birthday party...


What a cute idea! My four year old grandson loves this book -- his favorite. This would be great for his birthday party coming up in July. Thanks for sharing it.

Junie Moon

What a great party theme. I remember reading that book to my children and they thoroughly enjoyed it. All the party details fit so well and enhance the story. Great job!


Pleased to see the weather was kind to you all.
Looks like great fun was had, love the cake!


well done you!!

wish we could have crawled over...


It looks and sounds like a perfect afternoon of caterpillar fun. I know I still have that book somewhere - couldn't bear to part with it! x


Oh how wonderful! What an amazing job you did. I wish I could have been there, too! K x


What a happy day it must have been - well worth all the planning. The bookshop must be a great place to visit.


I love those bookmarks. I'm going to have to do that with my kids this summer.


We're doing the hungry caterpillar in school next week - great ideas with the plates, I'll be pinching that idea!

Alice C

Look at that little girl in the front row -she is entranced!


what a lovely day! your party sounds like such fun, now which of my children would like such a party the most so we can do it too??!!


That looked like so much fun. I would have loved to have been there!

suzie sews

Oh Oh I love this.... so super cool

Pink and Green mama

I love the paper plate caterpillar and the bookmarks are adorable!! I know what my daughters and I will be making in the craft room next week :)

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