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30 April 2009


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Doh! I clicked on that link and searched for the recipe and was just getting ready to ask you where it is -- and you've linked to it. Thanks -- it looks delicious!


Oh they look delicious...and what a lovely plate, too.


We've just run out of the lavender shortbread this morning. I think these might be this afternoon's project! K x


Lovely looking cookies and thank you for the link to another beautiful blog that I hadn't discovered yet!


ali- thank you!
p.s. i never thought i'd have biscuits named after me- i think i've achieved all i need to in life. :)


oh they look nice... haven't baked for a while... problem is I always eat most of what I cook. Not good.

(we have 'chocolate Rachel' (i.e. Kit Kat), 'Pippa biscuits', (Garibaldi biscuits) and 'Lexi eggs' (soft boiled eggs)...

Lucy Locket-Pocket

They look yummy! Lucy x


Oooh, they look so good, I have just followed the link and am off to rummage in the cupboard now.


Mmmmmm, biscuits.

UK lass in US

They look delicious - and that plate is so pretty, too.

I think I've finally found a reason for my lack of culinary success in the States, but let's face it: the things I made in England never turned out looking as good as the things you make...


Mmm yummy, biscuits to go with one of my daughter's favourite Elsa Beskow books. We will have to have a go at these




Ooh they look lovely - and I bet they smell gorgeous when they're baking.

I feel there may be baking going on here tomorrow :)



These cookies are delicious, and so easy to make! Thank you for passing them on.


Lovely cookies! Thanks so much for sharing. I also made some cookies today...what a coincidence.

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