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16 April 2009


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What a bargain, it's lovely. I quite like it as it is!


That's a great table--I'm looking for one just like it! I think it looks lovely as-is, but would also look lovely painted, so I am of no help whatsoever!


Oh WOW! That is so lovely, what beautiful wood. I would definitely leave as is.


Oooh, I think it's lovely as it is. A tenner? Wow!


Wow! What a bargain!! I nearly succumbed to a peice of furniture myself today at the Oxford flea market! It was so gorgeous, I fell in love with it. A mini wardrobe perfect for storing fabric and complete with labelled shelves. I didn't dare ask how much it was for fear of giving in to my temptations!

The Antidote

Paint it! Bet I am the only one who thinks this x


What a lucky find!


Bargain! Paint it!


I think it was that great Canadian jazzman,Oscar Peterson, who complained about the condition of the night club piano he was asked to play, only to be told that it had been repainted last week!

The table fits into the same scenario.


I'd paint it, too! You really got a great deal!!

Karen J

These errands for your Dad are proving to be useful - weren't you doing something for him when you finally found your hangers!!!! Love the table, love the price, should you paint it? I'd say live with it for a bit and see how you feel. Mind you, if your schedule is anything like mine, it will be some time before any action can be taken!!


Fantastic bargain!!


Paint it! Paint it! You know you want to!



Wood that nice is too good to paint.

That's just my opinion!

Don't you love a bargain.

Chloe Patricia

What a beautiful console table you found and at such a good price! I would rather not paint it, though, it looks wonderful as it is in the picture. Is there any major flaw which doesn't show in the picture? Chloe Patricia


Oooooh puuuurlease don't paint it. Let it wear it's past with pride!

Alice C

The wood looks in very good condition - too good to paint - you could compromise and have a new tooled leather top installed.


It fits perfectly! I vote to paint it, but that's just me. It would be lovely either way...And I love the prints hanging above! K x


Paint it...

I've got a small console-type table in the hall too that it's only waiting for these blasted Easter holiday to finish before receiving an exfoliating treatment of wire wool and a full matt white make-over...


If it fits in as is, I'd leave it unpainted.

Where do you live? I have nothing like this round here - I was lamenting that fact whilst watching Kirtsy on C4 last night, going round the markets in London


What a find!

Jane Weston

What a bargain! You did what any good customer does..wrecks a display ;o)

I'm quite undecided as to which is best...leave it or paint it. I grew up where everything is best if it is in its natural state...but the "in" thing to do is paint it...I guess it depends where it is going to live and the rest of your decor. It looks quite regal at the moment. Keep us posted as to what you do.

The Coffee Lady

idleness would say leave it. I'd go with idleness


It's lovely as it is, and a tenner well spent! I love a bargain, and they do always seem to be buried under a pile of other stuff - usually of the fragile variety!
Cathy XX


Ooooh, it's beautiful! What a deal. Much, much to pretty to paint!!!


what a good find! it looks lovely in your place. :)

two hippos

what a fabulous bargain find!


Wow £10.00 it looks really good, I would leave as is. I love bargains, especially good looking ones like that


What a beautiful shape it is - so graceful. I like it as it is, but I think I'd paint it. Or would I? Hmmmmm, need more time to think! x

Lucy Locket-Pocket

A fab bargain Ali - not surprised you had to get it! Lucy x


You and the table were obviously meant to be united. What a fantastic find.


It's awfully pretty as-is. Lucky you for finding such a find!



The antique gods were smiling on you, for sure. It's so lovely - perfect for the space and such a gorgeous shape.


Decisions decisions...I'd paint it but depends how it looks in your home as it is. Having painted lots of furniture myself,the hardest bit is that first brush stroke :).

Fancy Elastic

Hurrah! I like it as it is!


Beautiful. I would leave it, just perfect as it is.


Paint it!


This made me laugh, it was a few weeks ago that I set my heart on a battered little set of shelves, right at the back, covered in stuff.....

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