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25 April 2009


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How cool is that? Thanks for passing along the link to his work.


Cool is the ony word to describe it! What a clever idea. My son "plays" google earth on the computer quite regularly!!!


that is certainly a print worth having!


That's so clever, amazing how we can see symbols of any culture in natural creations.


That's brilliant! (and scrolling back through your entries, the sheep cupcake were genius, too).


Oh thats super duper fabulicious! How great was the 'w'? I wonder what the hardest letter to find was. My mother in law has an alphabet made out of the wing patterns of butterflies.


I saw these in The Telegraph - fantastic


Oooh, I love those aerial photographs - brilliant! x


Wow, I can't see anything in 3-D. I could never be an architect. Areal photography always looks like a bunch of lines, squares and shapes and unless its blue and looks like water, I can't tell what is what.


How amazing!!


that is so cool!

April xx

Alice C

MrM enthuses about aerial photography too - but for archaeological purposes.

Thanks for the link - always a treat to welcome Ali's Pals to the Chez!


That contraption looks like a torture instrument! I'm not surprised you had a headache after using one! x

The Coffee Lady

Oh wow! I'm going to be passing that one on.

Junie Moon

My eyeballs would go crazy looking through the stereoscope. Now, wouldn't these make a fabulous and certainly unique quilt? It would be especially fun if you could get shots of your own home area. This may be a strange idea, but such weird things run amok in my head on a regular basis (maybe there's a cure somewhere).


I love the aerial photos! I am a geographer and love looking at maps! But these aerial photos are brilliant!

Simply H

Fantastic! I love the aerial alphabet, what a brilliant idea


That is brilliant!!! where on earth did you find it????

As a fellow geography graduate I know exactly what you mean about aerial photography, mercifully I did very little work on that. I've still got nightmares about a rainy weekend measuring the diametres of river pebbles somewhere in deep Wales....




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