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08 April 2009


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'Is that one of ours?' Classic!

It sounds like a perfect day. I'm so glad the sun shone for you all!


Sounds like a fabulous day out--hooray for bloggery get-togethers! K x


Sounds like a great time was had I love the child poking out of the top of the tree bit, this reminds me of one of mine 'mummy bet you can't find me?'


Hi Ali! Was wonderful to meet you and your boys too! Will definitely pop my head into the bookshop next time I have a trip to Masons (which is often!). I am still smiling at thoughts of the day and there are still lots of other's tales to read! Weren't we lucky with the weather (I have a pink chest!!), it's very rainy and dull today! xx


how I wished I could have been there...

I had a trip to A&E instead, boys eh?


It was fabulous to meet you and your very handsome boys, Ali. Like Julia, I appear to have a sunburned chest and face - and the kids have pink bits too. I will blog it all over the next couple of days - but I appear to have arranged for another houseful of visitors today, with sleepover!

Take care :-) x


Wonderful to hear about it here Ali - it's made me smile. We were so sad to miss it - it's just what we needed really. Still, there'll be other times and P2 is now on the mend. What a fabulous bag.! Emma x


It sounds like you had a perfect day. I'm very sad to have missed it but will make sure I'm there next time. x

Jane Weston

It was a fantastic day and I can't wait til we can all meet again...I could have done with a few extra hours to seriously catch up with everyone and actually see what Millets Farm had to offer! Ooops..good reason to do it again soon :o)


Hahaha -- "What was your name again?" made me burst out laughing, not to mention "Is that one of ours?"! I'm SOOOOO envious -- just knowing how much fun I had with Lucy in October and multiplying that by tens -- holy cow, how awesome would that be??? SO glad you all had great weather and such a fun time!


Oh it sounds wonderful Ali, I feel green with envy.


Yes it definitely was on of ours! Had a triffic time and it was lovely to meet you. I have been haiku-ing myself crazy for the last 24 hours!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

It really was a lovely time wasn't it?! I got sooooo sunburnt though which is quite an achievement because I was really rather cold most of the day!

Definitely need to do it again soon!

Lucy x

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