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20 April 2009


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I think you just made my day!


That's gorgeous! Love those shoes!!!


Love the shoes with toadstools. I think Spring is here the weather seems to be warming ever so slightly

Alice C

There is a hole in our bench where MrM stood on it. I don't propose to repeat the experiment.

The Coffee Lady

That trowel is suspiciously clean...


Great photo - if only I'd known, I could have taken part as I spent a good hour or more on Monday sitting on a park bench in this lovely weather :)


i never see benches on mondays! they shout and scream at me on tuesday mornings...blaming me for not remembering them!

love your jeans and your shoes...xxx


Oh I still want those shoes! Why oh why does nobody sell them here, even though they are still available in the US. Anyone want to bring me some?


Junie Moon

I love your photo -- it's lovely from a photographic point of view but it's also fun and happy. Great job.


Don't know about bench Monday but I love those shoes too! Love Salx


Are those your Camilla Engman shoes? So cute!

Unfortunately someone took the bench from beside our duck pond last week, so no bench photos here :( K x


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