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31 March 2009


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What an excellent idea. Our bookclub operates a bit like that. Although we sometimes all read the same new book, mostly we just swap books we've read and enjoyed.


What a fab idea! I must admit that I've been having one too many Amazon parcels arrive recently and Mr P is starting to give me naughty looks. This will be great though - new books and parcels too. I'll have to give it a go! Thanks for letting us know. x


Thank you for this information. The US have something called Paperbackswap, but until now, I wasn't aware of anything UK-based. I rarely keep books to read again, so this sounds like a great idea!


I got rid of alot of my books on www.greenmetropolis.com similar kind of idea, I always look to see if books are on there before I buy brand new of the ones I can't get at the library. I must look at this one as well


There's also one called BookMooch that is international, though individuals are allowed to note that they will only send within their country. Great concept, though!

Alice C

I wonder if there is a massive interest out there in military history because ... whisper...I have plans for MrM's book collection.

The Antidote

That's such a good idea, I often finish a really good book, then want a likeminded person to enjoy it too.


ReadItSwapIt is very addictive. Last year I resolved not to buy any books. I convinced myself that RISI didn't count- my bookshelves didn't agree and are as full as ever!!


How interesting! I've heard of bookmooch in the USA which does the same thing and always seemed like a good idea. I'll definitely be visiting the read it swap it site.


Thanks for the reminder Ali - I joined months ago and haven't done a single thing about a swap....my book mountain is of Himalaya proportions!


What a great idea! I'm off to browse right now. I might be some time. x

The Coffee Lady

I've used greenmetropolis quite a bit, but I must check that one out too.

And the bookshop! That looks fantastic! Can you move it near here, please?


That is such a good idea, although doesn't solve my problem of creating space if they are then replaced with others! I can't bear to part with books, and have to make myself donate a bag full to the charity shop every so often so we don't disappear under the precarious piles dotted around the house!
Happy reading!
Cathy X


It is a good idea, although I do somehow get quite possessive about my books so now only allow myself second hand or library books! A friend recently held a neighbourhood book swap where we all brought along two books and nibbles and swapped titles, a great success!


Brilliant idea...perhaps this would be a way of avoiding buying more bookshelves....


oh no! just as well I read your post... I was half way through to mine about exactly the same thing.

Execpt I gave you the credit for discovering it!!

It's an addiction. I've got more new books to read than sense.


This sort of thing is great. I prefer Bookmooch (I am in the UK) to readitswapit, because you don't have to find someone who wants your book with a book you also want - you just earn a point for sending your book to someone, which you can then use to get a book from anyone else on the site.

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