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18 March 2009


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Lucy Locket-Pocket

Laundry Haiku sounds fabulous! And congratulations on learning to crochet - but be warned - you can get completely "hooked" on it!!!

Lucy x


Careful with that hooking. There is no way back unless you injure yourself ...

Now come on, 'fess up - have you been coveting Lucy Attic 24's flower brooches like the rest of us?

Alice C

Door knob covers?


Welcome to the quest of attaining hookerdom. I'm still trying! Your little spirals are gorgeous. x


The gifts you give are always so beautiful and creative, the recycling of the Toast catalogue is very inspiring.

The Coffee Lady

I love the idea of measuring craft by the spoonful


I'm not the best at crocheting either, I think I loose concentration too easily.


Ooh another crafty hobby, just what you really need!! Seriously though I'm sure you'll get the hang of it in no time!


Don't eat them all at once.


If you take to crochet like you did to knitting I'm sure we'll see beautiful blankets appearing before long!! Love the laundry packages - so thoughtful and creative!


Laundry haiku is a brilliant idea. And very envious of your crochet lesson. I took a crochet class ages ago and have since forgotten absolutely everything... K x

Karen J

You are so much more sophisticated than me, Ali! My efforts since Monday are much bigger and brasher. I started a granny square, couldn't bear to stop after 4 or 5 rounds and decided to keep going to make a 'practise' cushion cover. I'm now up to 17 rounds and am having difficulties realising that I need to do other things as well - like cook, and sleep!


I love the idea of the pegs with words of wisdom - and repurposing Toast catalogues - anything made with those is bound to be beautiful - what a great idea.

I'm hopefully going to be given the gift of crochet by Gina dn Val soon - diagrams befuddle me. I can see the beginnings of something gorgeous in your picture already - so kind of your friend to teach you. Emma x


it was a pleasure...

just remember 'hook down!!!'


I love the clothespegs! I too believe hanging out the laundry can be a pleasurable experience, but you have elevated it to performance art! There was mention of heat-set ink in one of the links - does this mean ironing after stamping or can you get permanant ink pads? (Forgive my ignorance - I've never done stamping but would love to make these for my friends and myself).

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