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06 March 2009


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They are lovely! Are they terribly expensive? I used to allow myself one "mental" purchase every couple of months when we had our strict budget. So long as it was under £30 I could have something utterly pointless. It was often shoes, my reckoning was that everytime I saw my feet I smiled so it was cheaper than therapy!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Oh those "wanties" they're wicked things!!!! But the shoes are GORGEOUS and so is that fab dress you made - I was going to leave a comment last night but one of the children closed my blog pages down and I forgot! Sorry!!

Really hope you can make it to the bloggy meet up - tell any other bloggy peeps that might be interested but don't necessarily read my blog - the more the merrier!

Lucy x


Oh my I would have the wanties too!

The Coffee Lady

oh no. You don't want a pair of shoes that will constantly remind you of a dead plant.


I'm dreadful - I buy plants and then forget to look after them, which infuriates Mr M, he is definitely the green fingered one. I do worry about my 'nurturing' side...

Loving the 'wanties' - are those a pair of funky Clarks per chance?

Have a lovely w/end! Cat x


The 'wanties' - perfect description. I seem to be fighting against them most of the time. Come to the farm at Easter and we can all fight the wanties together!


Lovely shoes and such a great colour to go with your new tunic!


I am telling you that if you want comfy feet this spring/summer you must buy these shoes. I had two pairs very similar last year and wore them practically every day. They were so comfy, it was like they were bespoke. I wore them round Italy for 10 days and didn't have tired tourist feet once.

I am considering HAVING to buy some again this year.

They're a lovely colour too!

Thanks for visiting by my blog, leaving lovely comments and for crossing your fingers for me next week. It's much appreciated! x

(PS: I don't work for Clarks btw, I just love cute comfy shoes!) xxx


There are some things that getting the 'wanties' over is naughty. But those shoes? Those shoes are perfect. Have you a birthday soon? An early Easter gift? Can you make something to sell to cover their purchase? Or sell something you already have? They are wonderful - I hope you manage to get them. x


That lovely shade of green and patent too you are unwittingly sowing the seeds of wanties.


Oh no, now I have the wanties too.

I laughed at idea of hanging on to house plants for grim death, I am equally guilty, those little potted herbs are my very worst offence, there is always a little pot of twiggy basil or spindly parsley living out its final days on my windowsill.


Oh my goodness, your plant looks wonderful! You should see my dead ones. I had one that was literally just the sticks still sticking out of the parched soil in the planter, but I kept thinking if I watered it every once in awhile it would "come back." I finally realized it wouldn't, and I let it go. I have another one that is not past hoping yet - I'm trying really hard to get it back to it's former glory. Maybe I'll post a photo of it, and it will make you feel SO much better. Trust me.


Oooh now I have the wanties too! They are just too lovely to resist - and green - gotta have green shoes!


Eeeek! I love those. I can't keep a plant alive more than a few weeks - right now I have a potted hyacinth in my house and that's it.

French Knots

I try to think of houseplants as disposable and short term like a bunch of flowers, then I don't feel so bad when they are dead through neglect in a matter of weeks!
Now I have the wanties too for those shoes.


Oh, I want those shoes too...


Oh dear, I know just what you mean about the discretionary purchases--ack. K x


You and I must never go shoe shopping together! I had to frog march myself out of Clarks the other day after seeing these. And it was particularly unfair because I had just bought both the girls new shoes, and I didn't get any!
And if I remember correctly we've coveted (or maybe even bought?) the same shoes before - so definitely no shoe shopping together!


Oh what lovely, shiny nice green shoes


I've never had the wanties for shoes or indeed any clothes, I don't think. But beautiful coloured glass objects or old porcelain... yes.

Your shoes are lovely, though. The colour is beautiful.


wanties! wanties! i have the wanties too!


oh dear, the Wanties must be catching because i can feel it too...I had a Jade plant masacre in my house last week, Little People knocked it flying and it disintegrated in a heap of soil and broken green bits. Was v sad cos it was a cutting my dad had grown for me from his plant.
And if it makes you feel any better, I kept a completely dead plant (and I mean brown and shrivelled) in my bedroom for several months not wanting to face that it was dead/I had killed it, it was too depressing for words, esp as it was 5ft tall.
ps. Go. Green. Shoes. Get. Enjoy.


Those are cute shoes! Why is it, when the funds are not really there you run into the best stuff?


love the plant...buy the shoes...


Oooh, the wanties must be very contagious - those green shoes are looking very appealing! Nice to be seeing a bit of green - hopefully a sign that spring is upon us, please?


I know exactly what you mean!

I'm wearing green shoes today. But they're old green shoes. Nothing like the green shoes I've seen in the windows last week.

Can we resist? I don't know.

(I'm still pining after a yellow pair of ballerina shoes I fleetingly saw last summer. Sad, I know)


Never mind passing your wanties down the line to the rest of us, trying to bring us all in and dissipate your own wantiness! There's something about green shoes which makes them so wantable, I can't blame you really, and they are a paticularly delicious shade
ps. the only reason my house is at all clean is because the children were removed from it by their father after he realised they lives were in danger from a hoover wielding maniac.


I have those shoes and they are so comfy they make me smile everytime I wear them - you have to buy them! They are worth every penny and last for ages.
(I am slightly addicted to these shoes and have quite a few pairs, I always spend my birthday, christmas money etc on them!)


clarks are naughty!


Oh, the greens in both photos are lovely. I'm like you, I'm trying not to "want" but something about the change of seasons make me want new, fresh things. Must resist!


Oh, the greens in both photos are lovely. I'm like you, I'm trying not to "want" but something about the change of seasons make me want new, fresh things. Must resist!


A bit late here, but I have those shoes to and they are the most comfortable things on the planet and I got rather excited when I noticed they had similar shoes in the kids' department, now I just have to persuade my daughter to want them to, so we can match, how sad is that!

I also have a pair of purple patent Clarks shoes, with the lovely name of Henderson Fizz. They are also very comfy, green and purple shoes, nothing guaranteed better to literally put a Spring in your step!

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