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04 March 2009


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Karen J

Looks great! Deffinately doesn't need sleeves! You're braver than me, I've sewn the odd toy from a Japanese book but nothing bigger - mind you when I looked at the sizes they are too short and too thin for me!


It looks wonderful! Now I know where to go for Japanese pattern sewing advice. I have lots of lovely books, but my one and only attempt was a disaster. Perhaps I could trade you books for a tutorial?! K x


No, indeed. Happy making tunics should never be sniffed at.

Well done, Ali. Perfection is overrated. At least that's what I try and tell myself...


Very Cool Ali! I LOVE that tunics are popular once again -- they're SOOO darn comfortable. Love yours!


I love your tunic. I think I like it better without the sleeves, and your pleats look perfect to me!


Oh, I think it's too darling! Beautiful!
Congrats on the making of it!


I think it looks fab without the sleeves - and a great idea to bind the armholes. I can't remember the last time I made something to wear. Well done you. x


Love it! Well done you.

janet clare

that looks great on you. I too, have been admiring the japanese clothing pattern books but haven't bought one yet. I will give in soon, I'm sure!


It's brilliant Ali, I love the fabric and the cute pockets and it looks pretty perfect from here.


it looks lovely Ali... i love the simplicity of it...and those handy pockets...well done for taking the plunge!


You are so clever - I am planning on tunics for winter but will get someone else to make them!


Ooh, a tunic! What a great thing for this time of year when the weather is so changeable - jumpers underneath on cooler days and t.shirts when it is starting to be warmer. I love the print too!


Oh it's cute - well done you! And I am a big fan of the short sleeved top over close fitting long sleeved top - in fact that's what I am wearing right now, only mine is yoga kit and not very stylish ;-)


It's really nice - I have a a couple of Japanese craft books - for making bags but I am not the best at patterns in english so worried about taking the step...


It looks great! I have that book but have as yet only looked at the pictures :)


Gorgeous - what a lovely design Ali. The pleating is great and the pockets look very useful. It reminds me of fisherman's smocks, but rather more stylish. Emma x

Nina - Tabiboo

Well done you, it looks great!!

I've had the same book sat beside my sewing machine now for at least two months, I'm desperate to make a start on something, but other projects keep getting in the way (that's an excuse - I know!) maybe in the summer!?!

Nina x


I love the tunic and the material. I love the Japanese pattern books. I have 'girly style wardrobe' I have made loads out of it and the beauty of it I can use it again this year as I can just trace the next size up.

UK lass in US

It looks great - I can't see anything wrong with the pleats, either.


That's fab! I'm so into pleats right now - well, obviously, when I say that with such fashion gusto it's based purely on buying the Burda magazine this month which is big on box pleats. I did giggle at my random purchase - I haven't made anything more complicated than cushions for years. What on earth was I thinking?!!


Hi! Thanks for this blog. It is a good reminder for me to make some clothes too. Your dress is nice, I can't see anything wrong with it. The fabric is nice too, where do you normally buy your fabrics?


You did it! I'm so happy for you :) And it's beautiful!!!How come you had problem with the sleeves? Did you had 1/2 inch to your pattern? I think that I will try another project from a japanese book this weekend.


oh great, I'll teach you crochet you can help me out with my japanese sewing endevour...

Fantastic job, looks great. Love the fabric you chose too!


Oh so lovely and entirely wearable looking -swift modification and all!


wow, I think you did a great job! I would love to make one for myself although my dressmaking skills are rather basic in comparison! x


I really like this smock - the pleats give it such a great shape. Finding it very hard not to go out and buy this book at the moment, but I've already spent too much on fabric!

bethel of bethania

My name is Bethel & I've come a visiting from Lucy of Attic 24's blog ... I must say I love this tunic ... don't think there is need for sleeves unless you were wanting to wear it without an undershirt. I was wondering if you could tell my where I could see the pattern at all please ... OOroo ... Bethel of Bethania


i love this look... i am having trouble finding reasonably priced japanese sewing books. Any good hints or tips???


I loved the tunic, what a find! Could you please tell me where you purchased the 'Stylish Dress Book'? Do you know if I can purchase it online? as I live in New Zealand. You have a wonderful blog!

Women's Tunics

I really like this shirt yes folds such great shape. Finding it very hard not to go out and buy this book right now but I already spent too much fabric.

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