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03 March 2009


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I wish my threads looked so neat and ready. Off to hang head in shame and maybe even tidy the thread box!

The Coffee Lady

I think I could manage some green mould


I love your floss. I use it for making my booties and I just have it in a ziplock...I NEED one of those cases, STAT.
Great green.


Hi Ali, Thanks for the comment you left on my blog as it has led me to your lovely blog! I love this photo and all your gorgeous greens. I'll be back over the next few days to have a proper look around your blog! :)


I have 4 boxes of these little floss cards - but they are not nearly as neat as these ones! I love the way that there are so many shades of colours in the threads......


I love simple pictures like that. So orderly, so focused, so peaceful. They let my mind rest...and then it starts madly thinking of all the spring embroidery possibilities. :-)

Alice C

Phew...had a scary moment when the title of your post loaded before the photo...


oh the things to do with lovely green floss!


I wish my threads looked that tidy!


So organized! K x

Jane Smith

I have a heap of sewing supplies piled up in the eight-inch gap between a wardrobe and the side wall... the cats keep getting into it and pulling it all out, and I keep piling it back in. I really want to start a new project but I've made so many needlepoint cushions now that there are two sofas we can no longer sit on, and I daren't make rugs because the dogs would just eat them. Still, I hanker for a Tidy Box of Beautiful Green Floss just like that and might well have to find one for myself before the week is out!

Thank you for participating in my pitch-party today: it's already provided me with a lot of new reading, and a lot of new comments: I hope it brings you plenty of new readers.

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