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02 March 2009


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I do love green it is so fresh. It can also mean mouldy too and I am not very fond of that!


Was that their lunch an apple and some celery sticks? punishment for leaving a mess??? (only kidding)


now why haven't got any green biros?...it would make a change from the usual black or blue.
i do like your green collection Ali and i agree that the greens outside are looking a little neglected. off for a green search myself now.
happy green week,


Your beautiful collection of green gives no hint of the chaos behind. You have reminded me that it has been some time since I moved the toaster....


Love your little green collection!

Good luck with taming the chaos (I'm not very good at that!).



What a pretty tissue box!


Oh dear! I'm about to leave my house to four males while I'm away working for a week. I think I might need some calming green for my return!


I am just looking around my home now and realise for the millionth time that I am not a tidy person - clean but not tidy!



I went to a phase of only using green ink.

How terribly silly we are in our younger days, I thought it made me very sophisticated and original. Whatever.

Do your kids eat celery??????

The Coffee Lady

my chaos is calling too. I'm ignoring it.

Green biros make me think of my revision notes at school and university. I used different colours for different topics but then could never seem to remember what each colour related to!


How quickly entropy sets in! Hope you beat the chaos into submission and are enjoying a space with some domestic bliss.

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