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29 March 2009


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The Antidote

That's the spirit girl!!

janet clare

I love that philosophy. It always, always works for me. Never entirely happy if I haven't been creative in some way.

Glad you liked the patch and it looks great in the frame. Thanks for the swap.


What a great saying - if that's a poster then I need one of those. Glad it helped a little. Lovely lovely little housey picture. Hope it brightens things - sending sunshiney thoughts. Emma x


This is so perfect! I've signed up on the poster notification list...But in truth I'm still struggling to keep calm and carry on... K x

JJ Beattie

Hello, I've come over from how publishing really works. I like to make things... since I've been writing I haven't made so much but I'll check back here from time to time to see if I can't get inspired again.


Now there's a philosophy I can really get behind. I love what you've done with Janet's gorgeous patch - inspiring and definitely smile inducing.


That philosophy works for me! Far better than keeping calm and carrying on, which I have to do anyway!!

I find a bit of making helps me cope :-)




I'm over from How Publishing Works to. What a fantastic poster, a sentiment I entirely agree with!


Great new mantra! Love it!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

What a fantastic new mantra - can I borrow it too please?? Lucy x


I love it!I can think of a few people who would want this in their homes, that's solved a few Birthday pressies!


Love the art,
Love the mantra


not much oomph round here either...

I like that mantra thing. Must keep it in mind!

Now what shall I make?


Here's to your making mojo coming back - look forward to seeing the fruit of your labours!


Followed your trail over from the pitch party, and couldn't agree with you more about need to get excited and make things! Love the picture.

And - cue spooky music - I actually bought a copy of the 'keep calm and carry on' poster last week. It's fab :-)


Oh I love that one. Sometimes waiting around for the write moment to craft never happens. And really, don't you get sick of clean floors!

French Knots

There is something so pleasing about making something, it fills a hole inside.
The arrival of spring, more light and better weather is a great mood lifter, puts you in the mood for doing.x


Could you do one for me that says 'Get offline and make something'?
I am finding so many lovely blogs and its now becoming a displacement activity.


what a great use for an internal envelope - the pic looks great. Yay for your new mantra!


Karen J

I think Spring's in the air - I'm feeling like I need to be doing something, too. Mind you, the crochet keeps growing - it feels really good just to pick it up and put it down as I have the time!


that's lovely! what a great way to use and frame one of janet's embroideries.

Alice C

I can't begin to imagine you without enthusiasm and creativity. In fact you might be quite scary if you go up a notch from what you consider to be lacking 'oomph'.


Like your philosophy! I'm visiting from the pitch party at Jane's - better late than never!

The List Writer

I have bought that very t-shirt and it makes me smile each time I see it in my cupboard.

A lady, very puzzled and earnest, stopped me in Waitrose and said "but what sort of things do you make?"

I grinned and said "Anything!"


I love the poster and your new mantra! I must checkout your link.


You lucky girl, swapping with Janet! I just saw that poster today too and thought, "Aha, that's it!"


ok, i will be updating my mantra - my current has been "procrastinate now and panic later" from the same series. i need to get on it! i am new to blogland but just wanted to say i really enjoy your blog!
kaz x


Thanks for the little get up and go post. Your Attitude re-boot is contagious. It sounds like your friend knew just what you needed.


Perfect! I love this and am going to put it on a tee shirt immediately! And isn't this the perfect time of year for an attitude re-boot?

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