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20 February 2009


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Love your knitting snowperson. So sorry about your husband. My husband got made redundant at the age of 51 (1 child at uni, 1 about to go, 1 with 3 years of feepaying school to go) so I sympathise a lot. But in the end he got a job which he liked a LOT more. Hope this happens to you too.

Alice C

Check out that roly poly smile! He is adorable.


Love the yellow bucket and pebble picture - it makes me want to go to the coast. That's one happy sealad x


Just catching up and your yellow week looks lovely. There's little as good for the soul as a day at the beach.
Happy Belated Birthday to Johnny too!!



Lovin' your yellow week photos.
I need to buy a bunch of daffys now!


We're off to the beach today too - better go and round up the troops!


Lovely photos!


I love the seaside in winter and your wonderful pictures sum it up beautifully as does Johnny's big smile!

Simply h

Ahh, I can see you were in Whitstable now I have looked at your lovely pics again!
Thanks for your comment, we are all on the mend now.
Would love the Saturday sunshine back though! x

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