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16 February 2009


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that's a lovely thing to read


Daffodils promise the start of new things.
Hope you are all ok.


Wishing you lots of sunny yellow in the weeks to come!


Hi Ali, those daffodils are beautiful and by chance I blogged about yellow today. Looking forward to the reat of the week of cheery colour.

I commented on your last post but I think Mr P's laptop had a little turn when I did so. I've been thinking of you since you posted - I really hope things are OK.

Emma x

Lucy Locket-Pocket

I love that you told Mark that Johnny would be born "when the daffodils come" - really lovely!

When I was just about to have Dot I asked my mum if she would bring me roses from her garden rather than a "bouquet of flowers" when she came to the hospital to visit - so she did, and she did the same with Daisy and Fred too and also when they come over for their birthday tea - it's something I love.

Lucy x


You could also be accused of supporting the Welsh Rugby Union team - Not such a bad thing as they seem to be doing rather well at the moment!


Many people here are wearing yellow ribbons to commemorate those who lost their lives and as a tribute to firefighters and survivors.

It is a colour full of hope and happiness - and that is a lovely way to welcome a new baby.

Thinking of you all.


I'll never forget coming back from the hospital after having had my daughter - daffodils, daffodils everywhere. They always remind me of her and her birth. I agree with you - I love their simplicity too. x


your 'yellow' post brought tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat - thank you and good luck - not easy to keep positive but really really good luck - anne


so cheery!
thinking of you - sending good vibes your way.


They are so cheerful and I love how they pop up where you least expect them. Compared to my burnt to a crisp garden they are absolutely beautiful!!


My son was born in February, and the crocuses were out everywhere. Yellow crocuses... it's such a hopeful, joyful colour isn't it?


'When the daffodils come' - so much lovelier than 'When she's cooked' which I fear is what we said ;-)

Lovely to see you here - I've been thinking of you.


I have three years between my boys - it is such a lovely age gap. I kept saying to Milo - when the snow melts!


I love daffs full of their bright and brassy cheapness!They always make me smile.I want huge banks of them in my garden eventually.


A welcome burst of colour. Thank you.


oh daffs. do you know that I don't think I'd ever even seen a daffodil till I came to England?



What a wonderful shot of yellow to brighten the day and a lovely association to go with the flowers

The Coffee Lady

is it daffodil time already? how wonderful


A gorgeous golden glow.

UK lass in US

Ours just bloomed a few weeks ago - they always remind me of home.


aaah daffodils always cheer me up. They mean Spring (finally) and they are so welcome every year! my favourite flower.

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