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13 February 2009


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I'm really sorry to hear your news Ali. I know how horribly stressful it is. Jim was made redundant 3 months ago after 7 months of being suspended from work for something he didn't do. They finally cleared him and then made him redundant a week later!
I hope that everything works out. The only good thing (and I talk from experience) is that most creditors etc are being a lot more flexible than normal and we've really found that keeping them informed from day one has made a huge difference.
Ack, it's crap! I really do hope you're all ok.


I'm sorry to hear that. But you're doing the right thing by enjoying the little things.
I hope he finds another job soon.


Oh Ali, how awkard your little family must be feeling this weekend...the uncertainty of the future. You are such a trooper though to be looking for the silver lining in your cloud.

Take care. Thoughts are with you all.


So sorry to hear of your bad news. My thoughts are with you - sending big hugs

Account Deleted

Sorry to hear that Ali. We went through the same thing in November - it isn't fun at the time, and there's a lot of worry, but like many people have said it turned out to be a good thing in the end. Fingers crossed x


I don't know what to add that it hasn't been said already... I just know you can't keep good people down and you guys are more than that...

Onwards and upwards,right?

In the mean time... I'm here for you.


I'm so sorry to read you have had such awful news.
I hope all works out positively for you all.
Take good care.


Sorry to read your news. Like others have said I trust something positive will come out of this. My DH is facing similar but at least we have warning.


Oh Ali, I am so sorry. It's such a terrible shock to be made redundant. I hope your rainbow is a sign of good times to come. Lydia put it perfectly - although it may seem awful right now, this can be the start of some really positive change for all of you.
Take care of yourselves.

Big (((HUG)))

Lesley xxx


With Spring just around the corner, it's a great time to find hope while opening our eyes to what is around us. Thinking of you and your family.


Oh Ali, I am so sorry. This happened to us a few years back, and to my BIL just before Christmas. I won't pretend it's fun when it happens, but it will get better. I'll be thinking of you all.


May he find another job very quickly. It is a terrible shock to be suddenly made redundant - it happened to both my dad and husband.

Rainbows are very wonderful things for lifting the spirits.



I'm so sorry! I do, however, think that the rainbow is a harbinger of good things.


Oh, Ali. That sucks. Completely, utterly, and totally. I know you'll find your own rainbow somewhere in the storm, as you so beautifully hint at, but even so. That sucks.


uuuuuckkkk (that's just in case little eyes are reading this) just say it with the first letter that should be there. so sorry to hear this.

you know it will mean a rough road for now, but brighter things (like your rainbow) will not be far down the track. if he has an engineering degree he can come to Aus and work...my hubby is always looking for engineers.

best wishes and hugs. life deals you many duds but it can be for the best in the long run.


Wishing you all the best!
Hoping your husband soon will find a good job!


So sorry to hear your news Ali. Such a worrying time but I hope you spot lots of rainbows. Debx


oh bugger - really really sorry!! all the very best - anne


oh bugger!!! so sorry - hope some good stuff is just around the corner - go out and dig up the end of that rainbow!!! all the very best - anne

karen weston

Ali, I am so sorry to hear your news - what a major bummer! Even though I don't blog much these days I still check your blog and am constantly inspired! Hope the days ahead bring lots os sunshine to you all.

Victoria Leather

Dear Ali & Family, Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say I'm thinking of you all, what a horrible thing for you all to be going through. I'm sure that rainbow will bring about new opportunities and adventures to make the bad days worthwhile.
All my very best
Victoria xxxx


Hang in there! I know how you feel as we are having a similar issue too. It's scary but you will be amazed at just how really strong you are. Sending you BIG hugs!!!!


This comes with many hugs.... it's an awful time. I hope he's coping with it o.k. Sometimes these unpleasant things lead to new opportunities even if it feels bleak just now. Take care.


Sometimes things happen in your life that shake you to the core and you have to accept that nothing is forever. My husband was made redundant almost four years ago, shortly after the unexpected death of our 16 year old son. I don't know how we came through it all really. He was lucky to get another job fairly quickly and is now doing something he really loves. I hope your husband finds something very soon. It's a difficult time for many people, isn't it? Good luck and I'll be watching for rainbows for you! xxx


thinking of you both, ali. take care. x

UK lass in US

Oh I'm so sorry. I hope that something bigger and better is waiting just around the corner.

I know that feeling from a few years back and I know it's an awful one.


Oh no, I'm so sorry! I'm thinking of you...


sorry for being late in responding to this post. I am so so sorry that this has happened to you. They really are hard times at the moment. IT may lead to your husband finding the perfect career/outlet that would never have been possible before. Thinking of you


Oh Ali, I've just seen this post now - I feel so sad for you. Change that is inflicted, rather than sought after is always hard to deal with. But I really hope for you that in years to come it will be a change that eventually brought about even better things, even if it's hard to imagine that now.

Florence x

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