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13 February 2009


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Alice C

Dear Both of You,
I am so sorry to hear this news. Nothing prepares you for the shock or for the anxiety that can creep into every corner of your life. It can be a positive thing allowing you to assess your plans for the future and make changes if that is what you have wanted to do. Good luck as you look for new opportunities - they are always out there - you only need one lucky break.


I suppose we should always expect the unexpected but it is still a surprise when unforseen changes are sprung upon us. I am sorry to hear about the redundancy. Hopefully the change will lead to something better. x


Ali, I'm so sorry. What a stressful, terrible thing. Like the others who have commented before me, I hope this opens up an unsuspected doorway for your husband and your family and leads you to a better place.

I'll keep you all in my prayers!



I hope that you are all ok, and that something will appear :)

My father-in-law was made redundant many years ago, and 2 moths later got a new job, and actually wished that it had all happened earlier as the new one was so much better :) So there is always light at the end of the tunnel :)



Redundancy is a bloody awful thing - and scarey.

Know that you are all in our thoughts - and in our hopes for better days to come.


I am sorry to read that. I hope there will be something new maybe better found soon.


Oh Ali, I'm so sorry, the same thing happened to us just before Christmas and it is such a shock so I really sympathise with how you must be feeling. The world seems such a different place these days. I hope he finds something quickly and that something good may come from this.

Karen J

Thinking of you all at this scary time. Wish there was something to say that would make it better. xxxxx

Lucy Locket-Pocket

I'm so sorry Ali. Such a horrible situation and one that could happen to any one of us in the current economic climate.

Thinking of you both/all.

Take care. Lots of love Lucy xxx


really sorry to hear this Ali... wishing things get better for you all real soon.
with love
ginny x


so very sorry for you, we are in the same situation and it just hits you like a tonne of bricks.

Hope things improve for you soon

Wishing you love and lots of luck

April xx


Oh Ali ... I'm so sorry to hear that news. Hopefully he will find something else soon. (Not sure if it helps or not, but my brother got made redundant too, but has now found another job he loves more than the last one. Hope the same happens for Mr Ali). Take care. x


sorry to read your news Ali, it's certainly not something to welcome with open arms but as you say such dramatic change often heralds in a new chapter of life and is often viewed retrospectively as a positive thing. all the best to you all x


Oh Ali,
My thoughts are with you. I can only imagine how scary things must seem for you and your husband at the moment.
You are both going to have to muster up a lot of energy to move on to the next thing, but I feel particularly for you as you are going to be the one who has to keep everyone's spirits up. And that will be hard work.
As you and others have mentioned, there can be unexpected benefits to reap, so I am sending you all my well wishes to keep an open and positive frame of mind so that when those opportunities expose themselves, in what ever strange form, you will be able to see them and grab them.
If it helps to hear positive outcomes of redundancy, our neighbour was made redundant 10 years ago and, with the pay out, was able to complete massive renovations on their house . He went on to a better job that gave him more hours to be at home with his family enjoying his new house.
I'm feeling for you and hope that a lot of good will come of this change for you and your family.


Oh Ali. What a shit. I don't know what else to say. xxxxx


Really sorry to hear this Ali. Hope everything works out for you both. With love. xxx


It must be a very difficult time for you. here's hoping...


Oh my goodness I am so sorry to hear that. I wish you both good luck.


Hoping that new opportunities arise and that good things are around the corner for you. In the meantime, wishing you lots of rainbows. xx


you have my thoughts - the same happened to us when our first born was 1 and I never thought life would be normal again. Keep looking out for those rainbows


Ali, I'm so sorry to read of this news. I'm sure that with such a positive outlook, something will come along and hopefully, as you say, a new pathway to take.
T x


Yikes. I'm sorry to hear that and hope he can find something else soon enough. IN the meantime, I hope you have an opportunity to enjoy having him about a bit more. x

The List Writer

Ali, so sorry to hear this news. Such change sucks at the time, but when you look back at it later, it will fit into place.

Fantastic photo of the thistles :o)

N. xx


Hello Ali, sorry to hear this news, it must be a horrible shock for you all. I hope this will end up being a change for the better in the long term. Thinking of you. Stay positive!
D x


That is not good news. You have such an amazing attitude and I hope something wonderful happens to you all soon.


Hang in there Ali, often better things come from redundancy, my Husband lost his job 2 years ago (27 years at the same company), now earning half as much but in a job he loves. Tough to begin with but we adjusted. Good luck to your husband.

Cara @ Turvys

Oh gosh, that's not a nice thing to happen. May you both find your rainbows soon.


I'm sorry Ali, that is so hard. Same thing happened to us last year, and it actually worked out to be a really good thing. (At least it is for the time being, as we learned there are no guarantees!) I am hoping that this all works out well for you. Take care.


Oh, I'm so sorry. Take care of yourselves, and try to find the rainbows wherever you can. Thinking good thoughts for you that something better finds you soon.


What a blow for you all. I'm thinking of you as you adjust to this new situation. I'm sure the outcome will only be positive. xx


I am so sorry! I have several friends in this situation and it doesn't get any easier to hear it from someone else. I do hope that it all turns around really soon!

French Knots

It's such shocking news, shakes the foundations of your world. Fingers crossed for him.x


so sorry to hear that, it's such a horrible thing to happen.
i can empathise a little - my husband will be out of work in 6 weeks, but at least we've got a bit of warning. i really hope something comes up soon. take care.


I really hope that rainbow came with a pot of gold at the end.

janet clare

that is ****! All you can do is put your chins up and look for a positive somewhere.


So sorry to hear this - I was made redundant just before Christmas (at 34 weeks pregnant!). Here's hoping the rainbow brings its treasure soon.



you wrote that beautifully Ali, which I am sure is no consolation at all............
hope you can keep looking for rainbows. xx

Rachel L

My husband was made redundant many years ago, 3 months after we'd got married. It was bloody awful but we got through it and I think it made us stronger. I hope things work out for you.

Laura VW

I'm so sorry to hear this news. I remember this happening to my dad when I was a little girl. Best wishes to all of you.


Really sorry to read your news, this happened to us last August. It's a shock and all I can recommend is don't watch Sky News! (it is all about bad news that channel)


So sorry. Hope all works out ok.

The Coffee Lady

I'm sorry this happened; I really hope everything works out for the best.


I'm so so sorry. The same just happened to my sister-in-law while I was home visiting. It's such a worrying time. But it sounds like you're keeping such a balanced and positive outlook I'm sure something new (and wonderful) will come along very soon. I'll be thinking of you all and hoping for all the best. K x


I'm so sorry. I know from experience how stressful that can be. Hang in there. Best wishes to you both as you move forward together and on to new things.


Sorry to hear this Ali. My husband and I have been both been through this (more than once) and, whilst it certainly wasn't easy -the experience has, without doubt, made our lives richer in so many other ways.

Sending you strength and positive thoughts from across the miles my friend.

Lina xxx


So sorry to hear that. You know it's all around and in the news but it's still a horrible shock if it happens to you or someone close. Hope that something new and better comes your way very soon, and in the meantime, take care x


Hey girl. I'm so sorry. I'm assuming 'made redundant' means laid off. I am speaking from experience when I say he will look back and be grateful. Tell him to seize the opportunity to do the things he has not had time for and always loved to do. This is a chance to really make choices that will make him happy. I'm praying for you.


so sorry to hear that. I hope that it brings a new opportunity that you will look back on in a positive way x


I truly hope that you all look back on 2009 as a good one, but I think while you're in it you might find a knot in your stomach (or elsewhere) that won't untie untl things are resolved, I have found the knot in my lungs only loosens wen I sew or knit. Big hugs from here to all. xxx


Sending you a big hug. I pray you both find the strength to make it through until the rainbow appears. Please keep blogging - I see from all the many comments that there's so much support from all 4 corners of the globe which is really heartening. Long live blogging for just such support. Sal x

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