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08 February 2009


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We must be on a cinnamon wavelength - I made cinnamon toast for the kids this weekend for the first time - it was a hit - not only for the kids but for my waistline - yum


They look great. I've just finished a bowl of porridge but I wish I'd had cinnamon buns. I like your tactics for the job allocating!


I will be making those.

We have done the chore allocation thing here too.

Good luck with that!


Just saw these over on flickr and came straight over - they look lovely. I will definitely be trying this one!


THey look delish! Will have to try those for sure
Clare x

The Coffee Lady

oh you have read my mind! I'm just trying to work out what chores can safely be allocated to a disabled 8 year old - you've prompted me to take this thought process more seriously.


Those look very good. Fifteen minutes? Even I could manage that on a Saturday.

We have 'take your plates into the kitchen' and 'put your shoes on the rack', and a little chart. Seems to be working, at least with the 6 year old. The 4 year old needs a bit of reminding ...


buns look delish. Like the sweetener idea too (wonder if it would work on husbands...might be worth a try!)


These look perfect for a Saturday morning breakfast--followed by a round of chores! It is an ongoing battle to keep my boys doing their assigned jobs around the house, but after a year of enforcement, they seem to at least accept that chores aren't optional.

Off to print out the recipe ...


Lucy Locket-Pocket

Oh yummy! I'm off to follow that link now! And I love your idea of sweetening them up before allocating the work!!!

Lucy x


I made cinnamon and cardamon buns yesterday...more like rock cakes! Yours look infinitely yummier...hope the bribery works, too!


I'll be interested to know how your chore allocation goes ... in this house they seem to last for 48 hrs and then it all slides :-(

Nice buns ;-) x


Cinnamon buns to aid in chore allocation? I will definitely have to try that!


Did you use fast acting yeast (like for bread makers) or live?

Alice C

One of my memories from childhood is a very complicated rota for chores. This brought out all the personality traits that I now see in my siblings as adults including negotiation skills,deviousness and forgetfulness. I cannot pretend it was a wild success but I suppose it created a sense of responsibility.


I'm such a dope. I just commented on your lovely buns on your previous post. Sure sign I need coffee!!



Your cinnamon buns look amazing. I remember my cousin making these in the morning (they live in Sweden) and the smell and taste is just so lovely. I must make some!

Thanks so much for the link to the reciepe.



mmm i would do chores for some of those buns!


The buns look gorgeous, I often make cinnamon buns but use a Tessa Kiros recipe and freeze half of them. I think I will try your version next time.

Now, I will be very curious to know how your chore allocation goes, I would love to put my children to work but haven't managed it so far, your plan sounds splendid.


Mmmmm!!! Yummy!!!!


Aaah, cinnamon buns... It's been a long time since I've had those. I had a Swedish friend at uni who introduced me to them and I've loved them ever since. Might indulge in a little baking too next weekend. :-)

And I'm longing for the moment when I can allocate chores like that to my kids. Alas, a 2 1/2 year old and a 3 month old don't take to that yet!


Sounds like a good routine to me!
The cinnamon buns look lovely - I will have to make some, I've never had them before.


oooh! Yum! I like the look of those very much. x


Hi, i've given you an award, please check it out

April xx


Hey, that looks like my plates! Is it Denby?

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