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19 January 2009


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I love Su Doko but I think I would find it too stimulating before bed and far too frustrating if I got a difficult one... I'd never get to sleep! Not sure my bedside table is worthy of a photograh.


Your bedside table is a dead ringer for mine. I love rushing into a new sudoko - carefree and all over the place. I always do left hand page puzzles first and then when they are done start on the awkward right. My favourite is thinking you have completed a book and then finding a crisp new puzzle you have forgotten to do!!! I can bore about sudoko all day............


I used to have a Sudoko book right there, too, but I couldn't stop after one and it got me more awake as sleepy. lol

The Coffee Lady

No. Don't get it. Sorry


Hmmm, such strenuous puzzles would make me fall asleep instantly! Nothing but dust and to do lists on my table!


My comments are being swallowed. Sudoko would send me to sleep in a flash. Nothing but dust and to do lists on my table!


I started doing Sudoku recently as a hedge against Alzheimers and general memory loss. I'm so verbal that numbers/math/logical thinking have forged very few neural pathways in my brain--virgin territory! I find I really enjoy it, though I'm still a reader when it comes to what to do the last five minutes of my day before sleep overtakes me.

tracey petersen

I lay in bed and do a sudoku each evening too. I just don't like to rub out my mistakes in bed, it makes all those little scraps of eraser.


I'm with Gina - my bedside table is not something worthy of sharing right now! What's on mine? Dust mainly!
The books are in a rather large pile on the floor.
I have a creeping feeling there will be a major spring clean hereabouts before too long!


wow. I'm impressed.

That would get my brain going far too much though. Not to mention it takes me ages to work them out. When I can, that is.


It's all exactly the same right down to the glasses. But no sudoku and not because I don't like them but because I think I might like them a bit too much. And I have way too many things to distract me already!!


Well I have a lamp and a clock as I cannot put anything else there as it is likely to be coveted by one of the smaller people in the household and not be seen for some time!

Good way for the kids to become more familiar with their numbers must try some Sudoku


Su doko hey, very much my hubbie's thing, I can't do them!! So true about the marmite analagy too. I looked at the link to loofahas and thongs which made me laugh out loud! I couldn't agree more. Thanks Ali for making me smile. Love Sal xx


No bedside table here in Virginia. But I'm a crossword at breakfast girl anyway. Sudoko reminds me a bit too much of math homework! K x


Hi! This is fun...I will post a picture of my bedside table on my blog too.

Yay! I've finally found someone who does Sudoko before bedtime too. I've only just started and its really cool.


Hmmm, mine has handcream, earplugs and dust. I'll spare you the photos ;-)


I steal Miss K's nintendo when I want to play suduko............ just posted a what's on yours on my blog.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

I'm a sudoku fan - especially trying to do the puzzles in the weekend paper either before I go to sleep at night or first thing in the morning when I'm trying to wake up! I'm not actually that good at them but i like to try and stretch my rusty old brain a bit every now and then!

Lucy x


My Mum is a Su Doku addict, and whilst we were staying with her last summer, she infected No.2 with the passion. He loves them, mind you he loves anything to do with numbers.

Next to my bed at the moment is a big bag of stuffing, some socks, a needle book and some threads!


Alice C


(better go and stand in the corner with The Coffee Lady)


Never quite got into Sudoku. I agree w/ whoever said it's like math homework. Also, Marmite--ewyuckgross! I tried it when I went to London and it was NAsty.


I am a not, I admit it. No soduku for me!

Cara @ Turvys

Ooo - I'd long for a bedside table... Our bed is up against the old chimney breast, husband has a table on his side, but no room for me, so very envious of anyone that has one!
Typically I have a stack of books on the floorboards... :D


i'm a sad, sad case. I was given a new phone for Christmas and I downloaded a free Word Play and Su Doko game. I find I have a uhum...quick game or two before my head hits the pillow. I prefer word games to number games, but I think it is the novelty of a new phone rather than the actual game.


I like So Doku, but I love crosswords more.
I can't stand Marmite, but I am of course fond of Vegemite.
And I am sorry to say, but I am tagging you, but as you have already done this (I think more than once) I don't expect you to do it again, unless you want to.
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That Soduku picture is so cute with little handwriting! My bedside table sounds just like yours except for the Soduku. That's hubby's department!


my mum comes to the house to help with the twins and then plonks herself down with her bloody sudoku book!!!! she is a huge cross word buff...I think I have to try one first and then I might like them! for the time being I wish she'd concentrate on the babies!!!!


yeah, I don't even have a bedside table!

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