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14 January 2009


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Oh! That was a lucky escape!!


That is funny - although maybe not quite so funny at the time. The corset pattern looks lovely and now I'm very excited because I ordered that book just this morning!


Bit like an old friend of mine and his sister who thought the hotel room they were being shown in Tokyo seemed very cheap - until they realised there were mirrors on the ceilings and that it was a Love Hotel!!


I wonder what you would have chosen for an on-screen name...

UK lass in US

That reminds me of my wedding dress - the corset top on the link, that is, not the 'arty film' industry...

janet clare

great story!


We don't get to see the corset then?! Great story about Edinburgh - I guess those Scots have to do stuff to keep warm up in the frozen north? ;-) x


The corset is lovely. The story is scary!

I mean, what if you'd cut straight into the expensive material?

Oh, you though I meant the *flat* story ...


Thanks Ali, you have given me huge laughs today.


Oh Ali, that is very funny. I can only imagine the look of glee on your husband's face!


I'm so naive I'm sure I would have taken the flat--yikes! Looking forward to seeing the new, more modest corset. K x


Wahahaha! Oh my, Ali - you go ahead and fix that corset of yours, m'kay? :) Thanks for the laughs!


What a close shave with the rental!


Ha ha! That made me smile.


ha! Fantastic story. Thank goodness you had a chaperone to take charge!x

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Oh that flat story is so funny! Thank goodness you'd taken Paul along for a second opinion!!!!

Lucy x


Imagine explaining that to the kids...

Alice C

I must have an important part of my brain missing because it would never, ever, in a million years occur to me to make a corset for fun out of a recycled T-shirt.

In fact it hurts me to think about it. The neurons just won't join up.


Great stories, both of them! It's funny how sometimes our brains have a hard time catching up with what's in front of our eyes.




one for the grandchildren... (when they get older that is...)

You ARE zooming through that book... I was thinking of starting something smaller like a book cover... gee weez


Oh you are a funny girl. I love a post that puts a smile on my face while I sip my tea.


I apologise on behalf of Edinburgh.


I bought the book as a treat to me. What a beautiful thing it is. Even without out the patterns, the pictures the writing, the binding of the book. thanks for the tip Ali. Will be refreshing to not be stooped over a sewing machine. love the story.


phew! glad you escaped.
and really happy that the corset was fixable.


I love that corset pattern and the stitch book will be added to my wishlist right away! I'm trying my hand at a tag (all new to me) which is: What' on your bedside? so if you fancy it, details are over at mine! With love Sal x

two hippos

such a brilliantly funny story, what would we do without our friends!


I love the stitch book - you inspired me to buy it! I haven't attempted anything yet....must make sure I get the right bits round the right way by the sounds of it.
I bet your hubby is suddenly enjoying the results of all your craftiness ;-)

Very close shave with the flat! Ha ha ha!!!!


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