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25 January 2009


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TV? Fame? Where? What? When?!

I'm with you on the photo thing. I tend to delete any of me before they can be uploaded to the computer ...


TV? TV? Tell me why, where and when?
Come on, you have to share more than this!


I am hiding behind the camera pretty much almost all the time. Unfortunately my kids love to take pictures now, too, and in my most ugliest moments.

TV - When - Where - What Channel - perhabs I got it!


Wow! You superstar. I know how you feel though - I turn into a blithering mess when we have to do any of our pr stuff and when I met Amy Butler I couldn't think of a single intelligent thing to say! I love that list of stuff - gave me a good laugh! And daffodils are definitely enough to cheer anyone up!

Alice C

They are not grey - they are blonde highlights which show that he has the potential to star on Baywatch.


I totally relate to the picture thing - I am behind the camera - not in front of the darned thing: that's the job of other people!

Hooray for daffodils! x

The Coffee Lady

Send your husband to a beautician, and have the lot of them waxed off.


I got really depressed when I found a first grey eyebrow on myself. I now yank it our remorslessly (is that a word?).

Grey hair on men are distinguished and quite sexy. think Richard Gere pre Dalai Lama phase, (I think he's got a bit lame now)

TV, eh? What next?


Brave you being interviewed for TV! When I was doing my teaching practise we were all videoed teaching a class and then we had to watch back and analyse the results. It was mortifying.


Every time I find a grey hair on the mister (very rare) he says Try not to sound so thrilled!

Because *I* am completely grey and has virtually none. Which is sooo bloody unfair.

ps. Hello you! Nice to get a glimpse!


you never know what youtube can capture!!!!

I've discovered several grey haris on me...head not chest....my youth is over!


Well you've got tell us what the show/channel is!! Otherwise I'm going to lose an alarming amount of life in trying to work it out...

I have a grey hair somewhere far worse than a chest.


Many congrats for being on telly - what, where, when? Although as we've only just got Freeview, sadly I doubt it'll be a channel we can view. What about sneaking up on your husband's grey chest hairs with a bit of mascara (apparently Nigella Lawson uses it to touch up her grey hair!!) I'm quite pleased to have found grey chest hairs on my partner, it makes me feel better about my salt 'n' pepper barnet.


Ha, my husband would gladly swap his grey hair for *just* three.

You were on the tele! Cool!!! Nerve-wracking too by the sounds of it. Bet you were awesome, wrong name attribution and all.


Do tell us what channel so we can watch - please, please pretty please.

At least you managed to get words out on camera I think I would totally dry up. Well done


"...the six things meme that just will not die." Too funny and oh so true. I did enjoy your six things though!

UK lass in US

I allow about one photo of me to pass the vetting each year and make it into the family album. Just enough so that the kids will see that they did have a mother present during their childhhod. Most get thrown, though - if I go missing, I know my husband would pick an awful one to go in the 'paper, otherwise...


I did a radio interview last summer, which I could access online and listen to if I wanted to. I don't want to.

My husband is getting a few gray chest hairs, too. Just as long as I don't start getting them, all is well with the world. What's really unfair is that he's a blond, so the gray hairs on his head are barely noticeable. Mine, on the other hand, cost about a hundred dollars every three months to disguise.


Right with you on No.1.

Been there, done that - twice! - on No.2. and can empathise with No.3!

I feel your pain on No.4 - I hate frogging knitting as I lose stitches all over the place!

No.5 - only 3 grey hairs? My poor old hubby has more than I can count - and he's younger than me. None of my chest hairs are grey ;-)

Thank goodness for No.6!!

Pleeease tell us what?when?where? for your TV appearance....just in case I get to see it...which I doubt 'cos I haven't got cable either!



I'm sure you were completely charming on TV, but I know all about losing the power of speech under stress--when I'm nervous, I can't finish sentences and I just let the half-sentence hang there in the air.


Just saw you on the MB blog and thought you - and everyone else - sounded most intelligent and articulate. Did you even mention a character's name???

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