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05 January 2009


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The Coffee Lady

Patience! I have none of that, so I'll live once again vicariously through your beautiful projects.


That's so pretty. x


I absolutely love that book! Good for you for starting with a smaller project. I tried starting with the skirt and that was just too much. I need to try again - maybe the wonderful journal cover. Thanks for reminder!

Natalie's studio is less than an hour from my house and I still haven't been there. Perhaps that needs to be my New Year's resolution...


I didn't even know about reverse applique! How lovely! Will definitely be having a look at that book when I head home next week. K x


Very pretty Ali. I have a copy of this book too and plan to make the skirt (you know, THAT amazing one) but have been intimidated by starting it.


Beautiful. And thank you for the recommendation of the book too - If I can't buy clothes I'll buy books instead!! Happy New Year


Ha ha - I've just realised I've left a comment about this post all rolled up in my comment about your previous one! That's what trying to sort out back to school stuff and over-wrought children does for you!



how wonderfully precious! i am off to find the book now...


Lovely, just lovely. And imagine how pretty it would be for a grown up camisole-y top for summer ...


Wow - it's beautiful! You may just have inspired me to pick up the book again and try some sewing!


That is delightful! I feel I might have to invest in that book.


Look at that rose! Stunning, Ali. Love it.


That's really beautiful, Ali. I've been looking for a new inspirational craft book, will check this out.


Wow, it's gorgeous.
I need that book!

UK lass in US

Really pretty - I hope there's a heat wave so the wee one can show it off.


I've been eying the Alabama Stitch Book for a long time. So far I've resisted, but I may break soon ... Beautiful!



the hand-stitching is addictive, isn't it? my head is so full of project ideas inspired by this book. and i was so very happy to rediscover hand-sewing through its pages.
your rose is beautiful!


I so love to do hand stitching and that looks absolutely beautiful.


Great rose. I agree--all I want to do sew and sew and sew by hand. I'm the book's editor and really appreciate your interest in it. Have you seen our book The Gentle Art of Domesticity? This is the first time I've seen your blog, and it struck me right away that Gentle Art is a book you might enjoy.


I just got that book and I am so excited to try the projects in it!


I got that book for Christmas and haven't had a chance to look through it. All these great projects are popping up everywhere now and I want to be a part of it.

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