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27 January 2009


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Oh I love these, how much fun could you have with those fortunes? May I please enquire as to where you found the recipe?


Ooh! we have greek and swahili for counting and ordering beer! but no chinese expertise. or fortune cookie making experience. HOW did you do them? Seriously impressive stuff!


The fortune cookies are great! I loved the suggestion for hubby's work, lol! Mr R works for RBS so all is not rosy for him either! Happy New Year Ali! Love Sal x

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Brilliant! I love the idea of fortune cookies but never thought of making them at home. Can't think why hubby wasn't keen on the idea of the work ones!

Lucy x


That letter 'P' has always been a tricky blighter, hasn't it? As for No.45 ... well, I won't even go there.

Cool cookies - well done you. Happy New Ox Year! x


How fun! And is there a recipe available on line?


Very groovy! We've done Chinese lanterns and lots of noodles but that's as much as I managed.

Hope all works out at hubby's work. Not a fun time.

UK lass in US

Oh, I think fortunes warning about P45s would have had them crying with laughter. Well, maybe just crying...


I love the idea of a fortune approval committee. In fact, I would sign up for it, if someone will just tell me where.



You are such a smart a**. The P45 cookies could have come straight out of an episode of The Office. Gave me a laugh anyway.


I think they are a fabulous idea. What a lot of fun could be had with them!


How did you make these? If I get enough silly ideas for fortune I could make a batch and send those to my husband and his soldiers in Iraq. They always coul duse some sillyness coming out from a package from home.


Oooh, aren't you cruel??!! I have a similar wicked streak too. A few years ago when made redundant in a company restructure, my mum "consoled" me after the fact with: "Never mind darling, they only get rid of the dead wood when they make redundancies"! Thanks mum!


I vote that you should put fortunes in all cookies. I like your humor a lot better than "Your kind act will be rewarded" ones.

Alice C

Perhaps you could have a little Home Industry in fortunes for cookies and jokes for crackers (just think - somebody has to do it)

The Coffee Lady

Those look fantastic! How do you make them?


they look great - and i love your fortunes. Can't think why your hubbie didn't want to take them in ?!?!


Fantastic. Can't imagine why he didn't want the fortune cookies? Could really have introduced a touch of humour?! I think a lot of us are suffering from the threat of having our husbands 're-structured'.


Your husband is so lucky to have you - what with offering to colour in his greying chest hair and make 'funny' fortune cookies to cheer up his beleagured colleagues!!

My hubby is doing two jobs right now as he's been restructured too and they can't seem to decide which of the two important jobs needs doing the most. Mayeb I should make him some fortune cookies. Not sure I could be trusted to keep it polite though!



I can't think why your husband didn't want those fortune cookies to take into work! I am very impressed by your making your own!


Happy Chinese New Year to you too!
Just 2 fortune suggestions for next year:
'You like Chinese food'
'Beware of cookies bearing fortunes.'

I think those were the best I ever got :)


Happy New Year to you too! Nice cookies by the way. I like the idea of the Fortune Approval Committee.



you're a genius.

All I've mustered doing was letting the boys eating their pasta with their chopsticks.

I think you win.


Diversity is certainly the spice of life and the more the better. Love the idea of personalised fortune cookies. I could give some to the teens saying beware the midnight hour, or he who forgets key will be locked out.

Chloe Patricia

Hello, I love your cookies, especially "eat your vegetables" part. As Rebecca said earlier, could you share the receip with us? Chloe Patricia


Well Mystic Meg, erm I mean Ali, those look crunchy and delicious. Love the idea of fortunes for littlies and the 'eat your veg' one in particular. Emma x


Oooohhh Yum! Thanks for posting the recipe Ali!!!

Chloe Patricia

Ali, thank you for posting the recipe. It looks like very similar to tuille in deed. Thank you once again for sharing. Chloe Patricia


love your fortune ideas! I want to make some of these now they would be fun for school packed lunches wouldnt they??!!


Hey, Ali! Just trying to see if this comment will work from my husband
s computer. wuzzup?


oh my goodness. what a briliant thing to be able to make. thanks heaps for the recipe!

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