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02 January 2009


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Ali, that is adorable. It's perfect!

Hand sewing is my favorite mid-winter evening activity. So therapeutic, too... Enjoy.


Oooh, I've been lusting after that book. The banner is beautiful Ali, you are spoiling them.

Shealynn Benner

That is so great!!! Nice job! ;)

Interested in doing a giveaway for me? :D



Wonderful addition to the bookstore!


I love the flags!! I to hope they fit in the bookshop! I got the Alabama Stitch Book a few months back and love it although I haven't ventured as far as to cut up t-shirts yet - maybe you will inspire me!!

The Coffee Lady
Lucy Locket-Pocket

Oooh! I'm off to investigate that book now! Lucy x


The bunting is beautiful!
The vid is amazing! Thanks for sharing.
Daisie xxx


What a great first post of the year - very inspirational. Love the clip and the banner
Happy New Year


You have lovely i's ;-) x


it's wonderful!! belated gifts are a thing of joy...especially such lovely hand-stitched ones! (and that video is incredible!) xx


The banner is absolutely fab--the bookshop is so lucky to have you! And what an amazing video. K x


What a beautiful present and what a very lucky bookshop to have you!

Of course - I now have to go and investigate that book too.....

Loved the video!


I'm looking forward to seeing your beautiful banner on my next visit to Mostly Books!
And I loved the video too.
Your blog is a real inspiration - thank you!


Wow! That video is amazing! Thanks for sharing it.


how gorgeous!!

You and me should have a bookstore together. or some other kind of store... sod the credit crunch!!

And I can't wait for my copy of that book to arrive...


Love the banner!

Alice C

What a mesmerising video. I especially love the bit where the birds fly up - completely magical.


So beautiful the banner!

Karen J

I can just picture that banner in the shop - I'll have to check it out next time I'm round your way! And, I happen to know that your bookshop *know* they are lucky to have you!!!
Love the video - like Alice, I particularly loved the birds!
And when Monica and you open your shop I expect an invite!!!! But you both know you couldn't do it really - you wouldn't let anyone take away the lovely things you'd find!!!


That Bunting is fab - your bookshop is very lucky. Love the advert too.
Happy New Year


this is so great, could watch it over and over again.

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