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04 January 2009


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I got up this morning and thought ruefully 'this time tomorrow I'll be leaving the house for the school run!' :-O It's going to be hell. I love the 'holiday mornings'.

Thanks for reminding me about the lunchboxes - wonder where I put the darned things?!


The List Writer (Nancy)

School holidays make me think that it's not natural to get up at 6:30am every day. My body never does that when left to its own devices.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

My guys are all due back at school tomorrow but the two girls and I have just spent the last few days lolling on the sofas feeling unwell so it may just be poor Fred and Mr Locket who head out tomorrow!

Hope you get organised in time - the early mornings are something I'm really not looking forward to!

Lucy x


what lovely cards! we are heading back to work tomorrow...back to reality. my tree isn't down yet but will be by tonight. the thought of the alarm clock is not filling me with joy for the morning but i am looking forward to the fresh start. good luck with getting sorted!! x


Those prints are lovely!! I too have returned my flat to normality (or at least to my version of it). The decorations are beneath the bed again, the shopping was done and the afternoon spent cooking food for next week - traditional lamb stew from Jamie's Ministry of Food that I was given for Christmas. I still have to make the butternut squash and potato soup!

I am back at work tomorrow - boohoo - 5 days till knitting group so at least there is something to look forward to!!

Hope you find the school stuff!


I have some of Diana's lovely cards too - aren't they gorgeous?

We also have an extra day of holiday tomorrow. Stuff the PE kit, we're going to make the most of it ;-)


Oh those are GORGEOUS! I love that design!

UK lass in US

I'm waiting for tomorrow. Ok, maybe I should go and check that there's a clean school uniform somewehere. But the Christmas tree is staying put until the last minute...

lucykate crafts...

we are going to be the same on tuesday, think i'll have to se the alarm, although it is lucy's birthday so i suspect she'll be wanting to be up to open presents before school!


Much as I love the holidays I also like the return to normal even if it will require getting up early and a lot of nagging to get a certain young man out of bed! Your children's banner for the shop is beautiful.


We have another month to go...

And I am wondering if this is the year I might be vaguely organised ahead of time!

The Coffee Lady

we had the early start this morning; luckily only preschool opens today, with school starting tomorrow.

We'd NEVER have got both of them there on time.


Yep, my decorations have also gone away (yesterday). We put the tree on the patio and this morning it is covered in snow, so lovely!

I love the prints, how pretty.


Yep we need to start getting back into the routine of getting up at 6.30am!! Agghh!!!


My two are back tomorrow too. I've just spent far too lond tracking down PE kits and uniform - all clean I hasten to add....just over-efficiently filed!

Thanks to you madam, I've ordered that lovely book and it should be here tomorrow-ish. I'd better get all my sock knitting done tonight then, as I imagine new obsessions may be about to start!!

Your reverse applique is beautiful :-)


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