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06 January 2009


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That is so sweet :)


Happy New Year Ali!
I love the choice of brazil nuts for eyes and green bean for the mouth etc! Better than the carrot and coal any day. I'm enjoying the sunshine even if it is bitterly cold. Love Sal xx


Yes,we had the same dusting of snow, it looked like someone shook icing sugar over everything and wasn't nearly enough to do anything with. I'm amazed you even got a snow head, I love his brazil eyes.
Happy New Year to you Ali, I have loved finding your blog in 2008 and look forward to following you through 2009.
Love lucexxxx

Shealynn Benner

Ha ha ha! A snow head! that is too funny!!

Happy New Year!!


Loving the snow head! No such luck in London - perhaps a snowbaby's head if we'd had such ingenuity....


I suppose on a positive note they don't get the awful thawing, disappearing act. Its better to get it over with quickly!!


I live fairly close to you and it was the same here. Was talking to another mum outside school today - her kids managed to collect enough snow to make a 10" snowman - complete with carrot nose, hat and scarf. Do you know what some toerag did? The stole it - the whole thing: gone when they woke up this morning. They put posters on lamp-posts today on their way to school, poor things were distraught.


Lucy Locket-Pocket

We didn't get any snow at all - so unfair! But it is flipping cold!

Lucy x


We had a 6 inch high man, and a lot of snowballs. A mile up the hill (the only one in this area!!) there was enough for a 4 foot snowman and sledging down the driveway of a friends' house. Fab!

Less fab today when the pavements and side roads in our village are sheet ice ...


We got a quarter-inch of snow when we were up in the mountains, not even enough for a head, but my boys were still wildly excited. It doesn't take much when it comes to snow.



My two are desperate for more than the sprinkling that we have had here. But on the other hand they are enjoying the ice rink outside of the house (the road) as much as they would snow, especially when mummy tries to stop the car outside of the house and we end up in front of the neighbours driveway! They think that it is hilarious that the car can skate too!

French Knots

At first glance I thought his nose was an icecream cone!


Love it!! The sheer desperation for snow......I know the feeling well!


Hence why we went with snow hawk rather than man!
Julia xx


My two girls came to sit next to me as I was reading your entry, and they say the snowman head is really cool.


hi ali!
cute snow head...baby corn nose??

The List Writer (Nancy)

Ha! The snow head looks like quite a dude!

UK lass in US

It may be less than a cm, but I'm still jealous.


How very clever! Just perfect for January too. Oh, and love that cute little reverse applique rose!


Our snow has been here one week, gone the next, then back again. We have some now, but it is too cold to build with (won't stick together).

My boys think your boys' snow head is great! I do, too. We laughed out loud.


True artistic talent there :)


Fabulous! K x


that might have to be the cutest snow head ever!

frazzy dazzles

Baby corn! I love the baby corn! Meanwhile over in Australia we're sweltering!

kitschen pink

What no full length picture! I bet it looked great with a wheelie bin body - sort of robotsnowman! Love the 'healthy choices'face - ours gets coal and an old stick! t.x


That absolutely cracks me up - my kids will see that photo tomorrow as that is exactly what they would do!

The Coffee Lady

a couple of years ago we had a tiny snowman too; though we did manage a body.

This year we couldn't manage a snow mouse



If I'd only known I'd have kept the four flakes we had for you!!!

We managed an eight inch high snowman at 7.30am on 6th April last year (the one and only time it snew is ingrained on my brain) - with carrot nose, pebble eyes and sticky arms.

Then the dog ate his nose.



You're right! They made very creative choices for their unique snowman.


ahh bless. My son will be very jealous as we haven't even had so much as a flake here. Very enterprising young men you have there.


I am only an hour away from you but i hate to tell you we had a good couple of inches of really sticky snow. i shall post photos of our snow man. really pleased though that your boys managed to make something. It is fantastic


HAHA! Cute and resourceful!


"Sometimes creativity means working with what you've got." Well said and your boys are very inspirational!

Happy New Year to you and your family.


Glad to see they take after their Mum when it comes to creative solutions! Happy new year x


aww, at least it has a head...

- T



do you want snow??? I will send you snow! That silly white s**t!!! No, most of the time I really love snow but we had a lot this week and it makes things a little difficult!


Very cute snow-bin! My two are just the same - any hint of snow and they're out there trying to make some kind of sizeable lump for a snow person!


ack cute!! my kids would be happy with a handful!

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