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07 December 2008


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Lucy Locket-Pocket

How lovely that looks! Lucy xxx


That looks very impressive...very welcoming. Well done you...x

Alice C

Respect to The Coffee Lady!! That is definitely my kind of knitting advice.


Looks lovely. We are side-door people, and I've not yet decorated the side door. Thanks for the reminder!
I think the Coffee Lady has found the key to life...


Wow Ali, that is the most beautiful Christmas wreath I have ever seen!


Lovely wreath! We were backdoor children too! My mum always said we would wear out the hall carpet if we came in the front door all the time! It used to make me laugh because we had to cross the carpet twice to hang our coats in the cloakroom which was just inside the front door!

Hope it wasn't as cold where you are as it was here in Scotland!! Your kids might have been blue before they got to the front door!


What a beautiful welcoming back door. I love Coffee Lady's advice!

two hippos

I love the idea, if I spot a lady constantly waving in a Mr Tickle way I'll know why!


Love the wreath, reminds me I must get some holly for mine. We are back door sort of people, seeing as the porch type bit at the front door is the dog's apartment I don't like to disturb her and my family always have muddy shoes that need to be taken off in the utility.

Love the knitting suggestion might have to try that one sometime


that is a gorgeous wreath... I have... ehm.. bought mine... shhhhh


Really lovely Ali!


How very pretty and wow, what a smart back door. But didn't you get very prickled dealing with that holly?


Hey, Ali! What a pretty door! I just received your ornament in the mail today. It is lovely! Thank you so much! Happy Holidays!



Looks good from Malta - it's now crib season here!


Your wreath looks gorgeous and very welcoming :-)

I just love The Coffee Lady's comment - what a perfect solution to your wonky armpits!!


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