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01 December 2008


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I think you may have to break off the working yarn and thread it through the remaining stitch and then rejoin it to continue on. Or does this sound horrible? I'd assume the pattern would tell you... what does it say exactly at that point?

Good luck!!



The way I'd have done it would be to cast off at the start of row 101 - so it wouldn't exactly match but I doubt you'd notice. This may not be at all what you "should" do ... I tend to make it up as I go along!


The direction 'reverse all shaping' is so completely unhelpful. You're not the only one who finds it frustrating!

Dottycookie is exactly right: you really need to do your 'reverse' on the next row. You'll be one row off, but it won't make any difference in the scheme of things.

And best wishes for a very happy birthday! K x

Karen J

Can't think of anything worse than uneven armpits!!!!! Sorry no pearls (or should that be purls?) of knitting wisdom here - you lost me with "seed stitch border". Good luck!


Happy Birthday Ali. Not a clue how to help. Only that I've only just learnt what seed stitch is.


i will be of no help whatsoever - but happy birthday!


I suck at knitting (much to my chagrin) but I'll take a slice of cake anyway. I'm hungry.

Happy birthday.


PS - much I suck at knitting, I'm pretty sure you cast off at the beginning and have one row out. It matches up enough. At least that what I've read. I wouldn't trust my advice.

Can I have a second slice?


I'm with KarenJ, totally lost at the seed stitch border. But your cardigan, from what I can see, does look very warm and lovely.

Many happy returns. Are you going to tell us how old?!

Shealynn Benner

Do you do giveaways? :D Wondered if you'd be willing to do one for me? Trying to get some giveaways in for the Holiday season.



P.S. The cake looks amazing, and I bet that cardigan will look awesome -when- it's done. ;)

Shealynn Benner

Oh, yea! Duh! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! By the way... I made the Caramel Croissant Pudding a couple nights ago... definitely fit for angels!!! It was amazing.


Happy birthday, Ali! Truly, I hope you have a year overflowing with reasons to celebrate. Your knitting question is one of the reasons I joined a knitting guild five years ago, but it's just like Val and Kristina said (and I so agree that "reverse all shaping" shouldn't count as instructions!). Seriously, I'm one of those people that nearly goes mental knowing I'm a row off and things don't match up *exactly*, but it's never made a difference in the scheme of anything I've knit, especially when it's an adult-sized sweater. Can't wait to see it when it's finished!


I have done this before. You do cast off on row 101 or row 99; unless you're using very heavy yarn, the difference won't be noticeable.

Have you gotten to the center back yet, where they say to work one shoulder, bind off for the neck, and at the same time work the other shoulder? Funny how no pattern mentions that this requires an additional ball of yarn... :)


Happy Birthday dear Ali.

thank goodness your question seems to have been answered because I can barely cast on!

Chloe Patricia

First of all, happy birthday, Ali.
Secondly, I think Nikki is right and you have to break the yarn and start the first stitch on 101th row with a new yarn. I don't think uneven armhole is right so it's the only solution I can think of. Chloe Patricia

Alice C

Happy Birthday Ali! I think that you will find that the maturity you have gained with the extra year will enable you to do anything. Even reverse shaping.

janet clare

is it black? black is hard to knit with- but sounds like you've done well so far.
I'd cast off beg. row 101 (room 101)there will be no real difference I promise.


I'd do the casting off at the start of row 99 or row 101 - a lot easier than breaking off the yarn after casting off at the end of row 100 and then rejoining it, etc. Who needs extra ends to sew in?!



I too would cast off at the beginning of row 101 as I'm sure being one row out would not make too much difference. Happy Birthday by the way and thanks for the cake... delicious!


Happy birthday! x

French Knots

Happy Birthday! No advice, when I'm stuck with knitting I have to ask the ladies at my knitting group.


happy birthday!


Happy, happy Birthday Ali, I wish you a happy year filled with lovely wool and easy knitting patterns! Even though I haven't knitted a cardigan for some time I do know I would just do it at the start of the next row which I'm assuming would be a purl row and therefore cast off in purl. It looks great so far!


My brain started to hurt reading all the knitting jargo but my that cake looks nice. Happy birthday Ali and good look with the knitting


Happy Birthday! Sorry for your knitting woes. The answer is as others have said, that if you cast off on the first armhole on the knit row, you would do it on the alternate row on the other side to match (row 101, the purl row), so you will cast off one row later on the other side, which is no great difference. When it's just knit 2 together on the shaping, you can just do that on the same row, so it's only if you have to cast off multiple stitches that you end up doing it a row later.
Nice knitting needles!


I'm with Val on this one and by the way I also make it up as I go along.

What is the pattern book you are using? that cardigan looks interesting from what I can see.

That cake looks yummy.
Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day with friends and family! And lots of wonderful presents!


Hello, I think you need to cast off at the beginning of the row, either before or after. That is what I have always done. I can't imagine how you would incorporate the lone stitch otherwise. Is the cardigan you are knitting the one I saw here http://mustaavillaa.blogspot.com/ and which gave me much cardigan envy?!
Happy birthday!


I bet it will be well worth it at the end though... my guess would be to do the deed on row 101... at least that is what I did in my lacy vest (sounds terribly kinky, doesn't it?) and to be honest nobody noticed. If people can count the rows of knitting under my armpits... they are definitively TOO close and should back right off.

Good luck.


Happy Birthday to you!! That is one gorgeous looking birthday cake :-)

As for the knitting thing - I just hate those sorts of unhelpful patterns! I'd agree with Val - start the shaping on the next row and only you will ever know that you are wonky ;-)



Happy birthday Ali - yummy cake! I vote for casting off at the beginning of row 101 too (wish you could teach me to reverse park, I'm a completely rubbish driver!)

Lil' d

I've always cast off on the next row - but I'm a beginner just making it up as I go along and people have low expectations of my fashion sense - no one has inspected my armpits, so far...

Many Happy Returns

Lil' d

PS. nice knitting needles


Happy birthday! I do hope that delicious looking cake gave you the courage to keep on knitting?
For me as a lifelong knitter this post is so humbling. At first I guffawed at the numerous outrageous break-yarn-solutions. But stepping back and reading your story with a fresh look, I completely understand that what is so obvious for any experienced knitter, can be totally bewildering for a beginner. It just shows that writing manuals and instructions is a higher artform!
Please feel free to ask if ever again in knitting despair. There's nothing silly in asking and learning.


this is the very reason I don't knit Ali! sorry no can help.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and hope the cake was yummy!


I think both may be belated, but hope you had a very happy birthday, and I would start the shaping on row 101 - or 99. That way you would be working it as before but from the wrong side, so it should be perfectly reversed on the right side. I don't think you'll notice 1 row difference. Good luck - can't wait to see how it turns out as I've often thought of knitting that!


Very many birthday wishes to you and as for the cardigan, I'm in agreement with the others, row 99 or 101 will be fine, this happens quite often in knitting, I do wish they would make these things clearer in the patterns.

Gorgeous pattern by the way, I've always liked that cardigan although I must confess a sort of sick curiosity as to what a cardigan/cape might look like on!


Haha! The famous reverse shaping. I'm of the row 101 camp. Happy, Happy Birthday!


happy birthday, ali! hope you had a fabulous day.
funny thing, just this evening i was doing some knitting on a very slow cardigan i'm making. and i came to the 'reverse all shaping' directions. that really put me off so i went to look at blogs instead- and yours was the first one i read! there's lots of info here in your comments section, so thank you. :)


No advice here (except maybe put the knitting down and head for the cake...) I've never knit anything bigger than mittens, but I'm sure you'll be sorted with all the good advice here, or there's always cut and sew...

Have a great birthday!


Can't help with the knitting, but happy birthday!


I've read evveryone's answers incase i ever need to know. HAH! What a laugh...the only cardigans i make are for my kids where they wear them so on/off the shoulder, tied round their waist, or indeed use them as slingshots that armpits that don't match DON'T matter! Heck...people are more likely to think there's something wrong with my kids not their cardigans! :D

You won a book by the way...let me know your address and i'll pop one in the post!

Penblwydd Hapus!

painted fish studio

happy birthday! wish i could help, but i'm still stuck scarves and stockinette...


I wish i could help..the cake would be worth it, but my last big knitting project was an arran type sweater and the back worked out two inches shorter than the front because of the tension...which was extreme when I started the back and relaxed by the time I got round to the front.

Victoria Leather

I'm a few days late now, but, Happy Birthday Ali! I hope you had a great day, a fabulous year ahead and a lovely cardy to wear soon now you've had some blogger help! (Thank goodness I didn't have to advise you, am terrified of knitting.)


Yep, what they all said.

And happy birthday!


happy birthday!!!!
and of course, late to the party am i. cast off at the beginning of 99 or 101 as others have said. you are probably way past this now. happy knitting.

The Coffee Lady

if your armpits are uneven, just make sure that you are very animated with one arm. Wave at people. Point. Gesticulate. Hold your wine glass out constantly to be refilled.

No-one will ever know unless you adopt a symmetrical stance in an unguarded moment.


Happy birthday. Your cake looks very yummy!


Hello there, I found your blog through tiny happy, and I'm sorry I have no idea how to help with your problem. I was just excited to see you are working on the very same sweater that I am about to start. Except, well, now I'm very scared that it is far too tricky for me. I have to say, I love The Coffee Lady's suggestion.
Good luck!

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