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31 December 2008


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I have loved reading your blog you are very inspirational, I look forward to your posts in 2009.

Happy New Year to you and yours.


Happy New Year to you to Ali, it's been great "talking" to you!:o)


Happy New Year! I can't wait to see what you get up to in the coming year!


Wishing you a wonderful 2009 and my goodness you have really embraced the knitting, so many lovely things you have made this year.


happy new year
and it sounds like you had a wonderful year
and i only hope for the same thing in the coming year <3

Alice C

Whatever else 2009 brings - I hope that it brings good health. Happiness will follow not far behind.
Happy New Year!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

I hope you have a really wonderful 2009! But if 2008 was the year of learning to knit what new challenge will you be undertaking in 2009?

Lucy x


Did you take the computer to bed with you?

These 'looking back on 2008' posts are an interesting exercise, aren't they? I enjoyed a lot of 2008... you learned to knit, I learned to sew/quilt... but I can say with all honesty that I''m glad to turn the page into 2009.

Claire Davies

Dear Domesticali, Happy New Year to you! 2008 brought me blogs, and lots of 'em. One of my faves being yours. I just love to read other peoples blogs, people I don't know, however, have common ground with. So thank you, you have given me Big bubbles, orange socks (yay), and inspired my photography with your link to shutter sisters.
Thank you


Happy New Year to you and your family Ali. You have had a very productive year with those knitting needles. Maybe I should send you some crochet hooks!!

two hippos

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!


happy new year, ali! thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and creations with us.


What a fabulous year! And thank you so much for sharing it with us! K x

frazzy dazzles

Happy New Year! I reeeeally need to learn to knit. Otherwise the knitting gene that has run so strongly through my family will die with my generation. I feel really heartened that you've been able to achieve so much knitting in one year! Might need to add a few things to my resolutions list!


Have a great one, Ali. The no planning idea appeals greatly.

tracey petersen

Wishing you a happy and creative 2009.


It was lovely to 'meet' you in 2008 Ali - hope you're feeling much better now. Here's wishing you and your loved ones a very wonderful 2009. x


Yeah for the inner knitter inside you! Your Klaralund is still my most favourite thing I've seen knitted all year - well, last year actually!

Hope you feel much better today. Happy New Year.



glad you're feeling better! i love your round up of 2008...may 2009 bring you more good things and experiences...i'll look forward to sharing them with you along the way. hugs xxx


Best wishes for 2009 x


Sometimes by not having an expectations we can be pleasantly and unexpectedly suprised. We just have to be open. Plans can often get in the way I think.Well that's my excuse anyway!


Sounds like my favourite kind of day - good that you were able to succumb and enjoy a lovely duvet day, they're definitely recommended now and then! Here's wishing you and your family a very happy 2009 with lots of happy and unplanned events!


A happy new year to you, Ali, and hope you're feeling better, too. x


Happy 2009! The duvet day sounds like just what you needed!


Hope you're all feeling well. Happy new year wishes to you and your family, and here's to another creative and wonderful year!


Happy New Year Ali!!!

I'm right there with you on letting the new year bring whatever it may. Here's to a great 2009 for you and yours!



Happy New Year from Edinburgh too.

UK lass in US

Happy New Year to you, too!

Sorry you were under the weather, even if I'm secretly jealous of a day spent in bed...


Happy New Year to you all, and I hope you're recovered from the lurgy.
I do love that Noro jumper you knitted!

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