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09 December 2008


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Such a frightening task - I wish you all the best and a safe return to su!


Good Luck! I must say that i find Abba a great help when i clean the oven...dancing around the kitchen in marigolds, plenty of arm waving to restore circulation after scrubbing, singing wildly....the time flies!

The grill pan on the other hand is not an Abba affair. It's the husbands domain and requires plenty of help from Morrisey.


Good luck! I was shamed into doing mine last week by the prospect of someone coming out to mend it!


Hah - mine desperately needs doing too but I keep putting it off. I'm lucky that I have a second oven that I can use when the burning smell gets too much :)


Cleaning the oven...I need so much to clean mine and I've been procrastinating about it. But I promissed myself to clean it before Christmas!!!


Noooooo! I am in denial about mine. I know it needs doing before Christmas but I am trying to put it off!


hang on, reusable nonstick oven liner!?!?!? Where on earth does one purchase such a wonderful thing!?!


Er no!! Good luck I hope you come out alive, I hate that job with a passion!!

two hippos

Oh your a brave woman! I look at my oven and then find 100 other jobs to do, good luck.


Yeuch, we need to do ours too - it'll be a job over Christmas I think. Hope you don't get overcome by product fumes! Those potions can be rather potent.

Loved the hand wavey solution to possible knitty mistakes in one cardi arm. Magic

The Coffee Lady

now this is seriously creepy. You say you are not Flylady, you have assured me before now, yet the scary UK fly group have been sending me emails today about doing my oven.

Karen J

I was so ashamed of my built-in oven that I knew it had to be cleaned before we moved house last year. My solution - pay someone else to do it!!! Worth every penny!


You're very brave! Like Karen, I must admit I paid someone else to do it! K x


You are cleaning your oven just in time for the heavy duty Christmas cooking?! Now you'll have to clean it twice.Just who bought you than fun advent calendar!


do you know that there are people that come in and do it for you? they dismantle everything, service all the parts and when they leave you have a new oven.

Seriously, I have a friend who's done it after moving in a new/old house and it was amazing!!

I'm thinking about it.


Oh dear...I have a very horrible feeling I'm going to have to do mine now.....thanks Ali ;-)


Anna Willett

are you supposed to clean those things??


Adopt my cunning plan...the purchase of a new one...eventually!


Urgh, worst job in the world. I'm afraid I usually cave and pay the Ovenclean man to do it for me ...

lucykate crafts...

oh no, you make me feel very guilty because our oven so needs cleaning!


You are one brave woman...I must admit rather sheepishly that I pay my cleaning lady extra to do it....I know, horrible. But honestly, after work I have so few hours to myself...and well cleaning the oven is the worst thing. So I cop out!


Good luck with that. Worst job ever.

Account Deleted

Since my mother never bothered cleaning hers I didn't know for years that it was something you should be doing. The knowledge hasn't really altered my behaviour to be honest...


Ahhh yes, that is a job definitely waiting for me too! Still, it's not going anywhere.


come on ladies! get properly domesticated and GET AN AGA!!! you never, no NEVER, have to clean the oven! it means i never break my long red fingernail on it! it really is my best friend - hmm sad or what! happy day ....


Uch, I have to do that too...


As the cleaning man said "these things normally only get cleaned when mother-in-law is expected" !!! The solution - go on holiday and forget all about it.


clean the oven!?!? what is that??? oh, my mom told me something about that a few years ago...didn't know what she was talking about ;)


oh, I totally need to do this. Hope it went well... xo


Good luck with that one! I have to confess I try not to look too closely at mine. I did buy some oven cleaner a couple of months ago, so really I'm 90% of the way towards having a clean oven ;) Well done on your housewifery!


I've often gone years without cleaning my oven, so I'm quite impressed by your endeavors.

By the way, I wish you'd do a tutorial on photography. Your pictures are so wonderful, and I have no idea how you do it! A few hints would be very helpful.


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