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18 December 2008


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Oh yes! the calm of blogland is a peace instilling soother...especially when i refresh google reader in between reserving essentials online at argos! Phew! If i was hitting the streets for these 2 'things' (little people around here!) then i'd be refreshing myself in a pub with a large glass of wine!

your brunch with monica sounds lovely...infact your week sounds lovely.

AND..the scarf is gorgeous. You're getting very good at this knitting thing..!


love the way you describe blogging as a displacement activity, you are so right, and it is the perfect way to avoid all that other stressful stuff. I like to think also that by looking at pretty pictures of other peoples decorated houses, and wrapped presents somehow it will magically happen in my house, by some wonderful blog osmosis xx


It makes me happy and calm to read your lovely blog!


I find it a strange concept to think of you being stressed as your blog is so calm. I love what driftwood has put above about looking at other peoples decorated houses that is so true. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that my children are well for christmas day but if not, i have a back up plan already installed :)


I have both feet firmly planted in Blogland and it's fun and pretty and lighthearted. If it makes you feel any better Ali, I am totally not with it, no xmas cards written, no presents bought for family and only stocking fillers so far for kdis, still don't know what to get them lol. traleela, will all be fine.........:oD I have a week, quite a lot can be done in a week don't you know.
ps I got me Boden coat woohoo!


Lovely scarf...hope Hubby's not reading here. Perhaps he's banned? My advent book arrived yesterday...a little late for this year, but hits the spot none the less. THanks for writing about it, otherwise I'd never have known!


I've been disconnected for a week or so (thank you BT broadband) and it is lovely to come back and see what everyone's been up to. It was calm here until I let the girls get at the icing bowl and sprinkles in our annual gingerbread house construction fest this afternoon ...


I know that things are quieter than normal in blogland but somehow there still seem to be a million posts to catch up with....

I do love this time of year though so much...


Couldn't be without blogland - the ultimate tranquiliser! That scarf is fabulous. x


You've summed up blogland beautifully. The perfect tonic for these busy times....


looks like your book is working.
i am using blogging as a complete avoidance technique jsy now, whilst everything piles up around me. i am sure it'll all go to plan in the end.
Love the colour of your husband's banana silk scarf .. very fresh and fruity.


Sounds very calm and peaceful round your house! I only wish the shop were the same.

I'm sending New Year cards this year, so the fact they're not written yet is all part of the plan--or so I'm telling myself!

K x


a quiet bit of blog-reading over breakfast is just the thing, i agree! and i too love hearing how other families are getting Christmassy and seeing all the gorgeous things people can make.


You sound so relaxed! My children finished school today ready for Christmas and six weeks Summer holiday. It will be nice to be able to sleep in and take it a little easier because I am rather tired! I really like the scarf - such a great colour combo and nice pattern.


I'm with you on this one. Although I have made a list of things I need... it's still a list...

But I made biscuits with the boys and crochet scarves for presents too and played frustration and watched High School Musicals...

and we're all chilled. That's a good feeling.


What a lovely blog. I've never been here before, but I feel better already!

Happy end of term xx


Oooh, very nice scarf, that yarn is rather yummy.

I am enjoying displacement activities too. I think I may actually be all done on the preparations front, which is seriously unlike me and a little unsettling!


what a gorgeous scarf - lucky hubby! Blogland is definitely a calming influence on the normal frenzied pre-christmas prep. Hope you have a wonderful christmas with your boys - it certainly sounds like you're off to an excellent start.


I must admit that in moments of bendiness as in banana, abit of blogging has centred and calmed me.
Have a good one.


Oh yes - blogland is my bolt-hole amid the madness of pre-Christmas! I have the lists and menus planned but the knitting is moving into arrears!!

I love hubby's scarf - fab yarn!

I hope you have the best Christmas :-)



Beautiful wool and scarf. Love your driftwood piece of art in the next post as well. Yes I am finding it calming to look at other blogs rather than actually face the fact that I need to get things done and now! I am so much happier in my little world than the reality that is Christmas. Do you think anyone will notice if I don't do Christmas dinner this year?

Shealynn Benner

That yarn is gorgeous!! If only my husband would wear a scarf! Dang!! Where did you get this yarn? :D

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