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21 November 2008


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Now that my children are grown up and usually don't come away with us, I feel the need to buttonhole people and say, "We are parents, you know. It's just that the children aren't with us at the moment." (I don't actually do this.)

Beautiful flowers. I'm sure they made your friend feel better.


Haha, I've never heard it as being loyal to your footwear. I fall into that category too and I like that new-to-me phrase!

Have a wonderful getaway!


Oooh, Ali! Have a wonderful time, but you don't need me to tell you that, do you? The flowers are absolutely beautiful, even more so in the newspaper wrapping. Just gorgeous.


Pink tulips and red boots vs. grey pebbles.
You win, Ali, you win!

Have a lovely time together in Bath - there is so much to enjoy.

French Knots

Have a wicked weekend away!


Those flowers are absolutely beautiful. I'm sure they cheered your friend. Hope you and Mr Ali have a wonderful weekend. x


Hope you have a marvellous weekend. It sounds like the perfect antidote to grey skies - and today the sun is even out here!


hope you have a wonderful weekend, perhaps Mr Ali will buy you some flowers!

The List Writer (Nancy)

Oooh, LOVE those red boots. I can see why you are so loyal to them!

Have a wonderful weekend away - Bath is such a pretty, romantic place.

The Coffee Lady

I love your boots. I'm comforted to know that other people don't wear different things on their feet every day either.

Rhubarb Whine

What pretty flowers! I will have to have me some flowers for the house tomorrow, now ;)


I can't take pictures of my shoes because me too, I keep them - and wear them - till it can't be anymore.


Have a great weekend in Bath - I'd be very loyal to them boots too!!!

Chloe Patricia

Lovely flowers, very cheerful, especially in the newspaper and stripe wrapping. Have a wonderful weekend away. Chloe Patricia


Have a lovely relaxing weekend!! I've heard very good things about fishworks - take lots of photos ;)


Have a wonderful time together in Bath. Gorgeous red boots by the way!


Flowers are gorgeous.
Love those red boots
I am jealous of the 'Hansel und Gretel' place especially the giant gingerbread to share.
I have tomorrow without children at the Knit and Stitch show in Harrogate, do you think Betty's will have a giant gingerbread (not sure about the sharing)
Have a great time in Bath


Have fun! I really need to get away with my husband soon. We haven't really gone anywhere since the kids were born and the oldest is now 8!


I would have had a hard time giving those flowers away, too.

Bath is definitely my favorite city in the UK. And now I love it even more because now I know it has a strudel bar! How did I miss this? Hope you're having an amazing time (I'm sure you are)!

K x


The flowers are beautiful - I'd have been very tempted to keep them too but the fact that you didn't proves what a good friend you are. Hope you're enjoying your weekend - tell us all about it soon x

Lucy Locket-Pocket

What a beautiful bunch of flowers! I'm like you about shoes - wearing them til they die - problem is I absolutely LOVE my (fake)crocs but they are a bit chilly for winter!!!

Lucy x


the flowers are so beautiful. Thanks for the Fishworks link, I love seafood and go to Lock Fyne quite a lot, but hadn't heard of this place. The menu looks great. Hope you have a great time!x


have a fab time! (and a big glass of wine on me!!)

PS I've got to get me some red shoes....


I would have coveted those flowers too - like something out of Country Living. Have a wonderful time in Bath and enjoy the tasty fish and strudel. Mmm.


Yeah I know what you mean...I bought my sister a gorgeous cookbook for her birthday a few days ago...I really wanted to keep it badly...well since I celebrate my birthday on the same day as her, I bought one for myself too. So now it is really easy to give her one because I get to keep the other :)


What beautiful flowers, just right to lift the spirit anad add a little cheer! Have a fun time in Bath too.


The flowers are gorgeous. I would have kept them, I'm afraid.

I am terribly loyal to my shoes and wear each pair out before buying new--my day-to-day shoes, anyway. If I waited to wear my dress shoes out--which I only wear on a blue moon--I'd never buy a new pair. And what fun is that?



Yep, I think I would have found parting with those flowers just a tad too difficult! Love the red boots, they'll keep you warm in Bath, have a wonderful time


I hope you have a wonderful time in Bath and enjoy your streudel!

Those flowers are gorgeous and I'm sure they cheered your friend right up.



Beautiful tulips - I'm sure they cheered your friend up to know they were being though about. I also, stick loyally by my footwear. Be kind to my feet and I'll be kind to you - kinda thing! Have a great break away.


My best friend called over today and brought with her a bunch of pink roses from her garden...you must be a good friend because I would never be without my friendly florist!


Hi Ali! I am the same with my shoes! Because I'm so picky when buying any type of footwear, I get so attached to the pair I do buy and wear them, like you, until they literally fall apart!

Thanks for stopping by my exhibition in Henley yesterday! So pleased you like my illustrations! It's a lovely exhibition actually, everyone's stuff is just so nice! x


I've got a giveaway going on if you fancy a nose.....(i'm not giving away noses though!)

Zoe Ingram

Oh jeez, I do that a lot. I did it not so long a go but can't really say what I bought for someone and then kept for myself. Is it a bit greedy? I don't think so. And my word your red boots look in much better condition than mine do...mine are nearing the end of their sorry life I have to say. Wish I'd bought a couple of pairs!


Have a wonderful time in Bath. I escaped to Bath myself with the husband for a pretending-we-don't-have-children break not so long ago. Such a lovely city. Enjoy your down time!


Have a wonderful grown up weekend.

I had to laugh at your footwear loyalty as I am just the same and towards the end of a pair of boots or shoes I begin to get quite panicky at the idea of having to replace them and being able to love another pair as much. I dare say that one of these days I may just end up buying the same pair twice in order to delay the day of reckoning.


hello......i like your blog and your boots!! would you be willing to share what kind of boots they are?
hope you enjoy the holidays!

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