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16 November 2008


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Lucy Locket-Pocket

Yesterday was so much fun - and I agree with you, the train journey was fab too only I wasn't on my own but with all my friends from home who kept teasing me about my knitting!

Thank you for my lovely present!

Lucy x


Sounds like you had a fabulous day! You obviously had no problem recognising everyone!


Because travelling on the train was so much fun, perhaps we just ought to buy a return ticket to somewhere a long way away next year and meet up at the end (how about a cup of tea in Aberdeen?)

I love my present and am hunting for thick wrapping paper so I can have a go myself - though I know it won't turn out anywhere near as fantastic as yours!


I am still worn out from yesterday - such a wonderful time, with such marvellous company. And thank you for the tag - do you reckon I can attach it with red and white stripy string?


Sounds like you had the most wonderful day (while I was stuck at work--aaargh)! K x

Lil' d

I miss taking train journeys. Still, I did get to hold 2 wee newborns this week and it certainly isn't coat weather (or jeans or jumper or long-sleeved t-shirt weather)...



So lovely to meet you and glad you enjoyed the infamous Bead Shop (and even made a purhase!). Such a lovely thing to say about Miss P2 - she really seemed to enjoy the day didn't she? Thanks for the tag - I'll enjoy this one. Emma x


Nothing like a blog meet for fun. Wish I could pop into London by train occasionally!


Thanks for the tag Ali - it was a fab day and that little Miss Pebble was such a star :-)



Love the lists. A train ride sounds so groovy to me.

And thanks for the tutorial below. I will definitely do this for Christmas.

Suzie sews

always good to find out stuff...sounds like you all had a fab weekend, oh and loved the tutorial....Thanks


Sounds like you all had a great time

Big Sister Ally

Thanks for your comment on my origami wreath taken from your blog and having seen yours in London.

The PVA glue idea was inspired also from the Country Living Fair where a stall had made fabric paper chains using fabric stiffened with PVA glue.

Lovely to have met you on Saturday, I enjoyed the peace on the train ride home and not being on my pins anymore - my feet were really aching after two days in London.

the vicious chicken

Hi Ali,

It was lovely to meet you at the weekend - I'm sorry I didn't get to come to the bead shop, but I had a fantastic time meeting up with everyone for lunch. Thank you for the tag: I will put my thinking hat on and post soon about six things I love :o)

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