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30 November 2008


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oh I definitely want to hear more about it!


Sounds good to me! Do share any pearls of wisdom you glean won't you?! I'm making this Christmas a stress free one too - no sewing gifts and my mum is taking care of the food! Excellent!


Wow - that sounds like a really interesting book. Please let us know how it goes.


That sounds really interesting - let us know how it goes!

We have broken out the chocolate advents here - yes I know it's only 7.44am :-D



Slowing down and stressing less sounds perfect to me! Although I'm not sure how achievable this is working in retail over the holidays--ugh. K x


I forgot on purpose the whole shenanigan about advent calendars.

does that make me a horrible mother?

Happy December to you! Do share the entries please...


I heard him on Jeremy Vine last week, and he sounded very sensible - I'd be interested to hear how you find the book. I have to admit to loving the whole progress of advent though.


Oh, please share!


That looks like a very interesting book. Are you able to give us a snippet for today? Let us know if it does make a difference!


What a delightful idea... I think I would be too tempted to read on though!


I've bought it too (from Mostly Books, of course!). He talks a lot of sense, so I'm looking forward to a transformed build-up to Christmas...


I've always loved advent, although the family situation means I'm much more reticent this year. As things get better I'm starting to feel a little of that bubble joy again. Hope that book helps you to feel it too - sad that advent was a torture for you.

Do share what you learn from that book.


Oooh please share it! I remember just how looooong December used to be when I was a child and now it zips by far too fast.


Lil' d

My daughter has already opened 4 days of her advent calendar. I think she's trying to speed things up around here...

jenn nahrstadt

would love to hear more about this book! please update us...

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