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13 November 2008


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Thanks for the easy to follow tutorial. I used my wreath (made from a vintage magazine page) on a holiday card. I used dimensions of 1 1/2" x 3" for my paper strips.



I love this, and I love that you used sheet music! My girls will love this!!!


here's my go...


here's my go at it--(referenced your blog-



I did it, and it was great fun! Check it out on my blog Dec 4! Thanks for the terrific idea, and tutorial!


Hey, this is great! Looks pretty after completion. Can i just suggest, maybe you can put a tiny picture in the middle-- since there's space to stick it in. Perhaps you gotta cut it up a bit, so the face stays in the middle. Put it in before you close it up, perhaps?

Anyway thanks!


thanks, ali- these are fantastic! i made some for our house, and also did the activity with a class of 6 year olds at arlo's school. wonderful. x


I love these, just saw the link on Melissa's blog and thought I wonder what they'd look like made with music paper,... and voila! Very inspiring will definitely try a few. Thank you. Caireen xx


hi, i am coming here via Tiny Happy and I love your blog. And you are UK based!!
We have tried your origami tutorial, its so simple yet sooo effective.
I love all your stamps. Where do you get the stuff to make them?

Content in a Cottage

I posted about this today and linked back to you. Thanks for a great tutorial.


Found this tutorial today and have already finished my first three wreaths ;)

Stacey Lokovic

REally cute idea! Thanks for sharing!


fantastic - I'm gonna try this out! Thanks for the tutorial.

Kathryn Dooling

You saved our lives. My son needed an extra credit project for his geometry class and we have looked all over for some kind of Christmas ornament to make and voila we found your wonderful site. In fact I love these so much I am going to have my book club make one when they come to dinner next week. Thank you so much, Kathryn


amazingly simpe and yet ... WOW!!
Thank you for sharing!

Stephanie Lichlyter

Thanks for posting a tutorial! My daughter and I had fun making these. We used patterned scrapbook papers.

Pictures of our finished products: http://www.flickr.com/photos/slichly/3093736686/


Hi Ali!

I finally made my wreath today...and it turned out so nicely. I love it. I made mine with old antique ledger pages. I plan to make several more big wreaths, as well as some smaller ones, to hang up together in front of the mirror in the dining room. (There's a photo up on my blog for you to see.) Hopefully there'll be more there soon. Thanks for such a fun and simple idea!


I made some today out of a scary old Christmas picture book I found at the op-shop.


just got mine in the mail...thanks so much Ali!! love it. :) and it looks so pretty on my tree. xx



I have now posted about my success in making 25 wreaths!




Great tutorial :o)

I tried this out today ... first using a paper bag (not so good) but then with wallpaper, which works great :o) I also made mine with 5 pieces rather than 8, not just because I'm impatient ... ok maybe just a little.


Thanks for the great tutorial !


Thank you for sharing the how to on this! I had great fun making one last night and sense that I will take supplies to share this with everyone for xmas day fun.


I gave these a go:


Thank you so much for the instructions! :)


Here are my versions on my blog. Once you start going with these, they're dangerously addictive. Every piece of paper I've come across today makes me wonder what it would look like as a star!

Thanks for the nice tutorial. Hope you'll come see the ones I made: http://floatingink.wordpress.com/2008/12/13/star-light-star-bright/



Oh that looks beautiful! I have a bunch of my old piano music that I've been wondering what to do with. This will be the perfect project for it. Thanks for the tutorial!

Rachel Bau

Thank you for the great origami wreath instruction. Yours is by far the best among all other origami wreaths on the web because it is easy, and it looks great, and it is flat enough to use as a decoration on all my Christmas wrappings.

Julie Yülle

Great!! I'm not sure I have enough time left to make some, but I WILL publish a message on by blog about that! Bravo!


thank you for the great instructions. they were very clear and easy to follow.

Melinda Gonzales

These are so fun and addicting! Thank you! Here's a link to some I made.


:) здорово!


loved it! ;)


thank you for this lovely tutorial!
I am on my 3rd one and can't wait to use all the colorful scraps I have accumulated through all sorts of paper arts projects; so far I have used my marbled papers...
HUGE thank you and all the best for a happy and creative 2oo9!
PS I have linked this tutorial from my blogspot; please let me know if you object!


Thank you so much for your pattern! We found it so easy to follow and made a bunch of these ornaments for family. You can see photos on our blog. http://thecommonmilkweed.blogspot.com/2008/12/christmas-craftiness-unveiled-part-3.html

Thanks so much!


I've just made one. It's so easy and pretty, thanks a lot for sharing!


love it!


How clever yet simple. I'm definetly going to make this. Thanks for sharing!


It took me a few minutes to figure this out. I had folded my 45 degree angles in the wrong direction. But as soon as I realized what I had done - voila - it was perfect. I used red and green card stock to make it. Very cute idea! I love it!

maria b

thanks for the easy wreath!!
making my cards from old catalogues, newspaper..everything rcycled!

They're fun and freeee1111


I just made this project and I love it! Thanks for the great tutorial :) I am going to make a bunch for my tree this year! :)


Thanks alot, I'll make a load and hang it in my dojo...If you don't mind I've posted a link for this on my multiply site. ( With credit to you of coarse)if you dont want me to do this let me know and ill remove the link. Regards Disa (Co owner of a Filipino / British Japanese martial art dojo in Manila :) )


I was bored at work and wanted to try this but the only colored paper I had was post-its, which aren't quiet 8cm plus they have that sticky part. So I took it down to 7cm by 3cm and it worked out really well, but I had to use 10 pieces instead of 8, but it looks really cute! So thanks for the instructions!


December 2009 and we are still using your tutorial!


I know this is an older post, but came across it this year while looking for ornament ideas for our family craft day. I've been so inspired veiwing all these craft blogs that I decided to start my own and I'm adding a link to this in one of my first posts! (sorry, so excited about this new adventure of mine)...


This is great, thank you!


Paper source has one but yours is easier to folow(it's on Folding trees)I made it while reading your instructions ;Thank you.Y.S


many thanks!!!!!!!!^^


lindo el tutorial y el detalle de hacerlo con el papel de música.

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