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06 November 2008


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Mary Smith

Ah, yes. We have that kind of a visitor too!!!

Sherri S.

I love the action shot! I often catch my dog in some weird motion, and I usually love the resulting image...


There's always a pot of tea on our table. It might not always still be hot, or even have been made that day, but it's there!

Can I tempt you? ;-)


I, too, love the idea of the pot of tea always available and people always stopping by for a cup.
If I lived on your side of the world I'd be sure to stop in for one of your yummy treats!


What a considerate visitor!


Gosh cats are useful aren't they? Does he polish the glasses too? ;)

Karen J

Still "borrowing" the neighbours cat, I see! About time you got those boys one of their own!


That reminds me of watching my little Daphne watch our cat cleaning herself today - she thought it was hilarious! Sounds like the sort of kitchen I have always wished for too.


Oh so CUTE! I love this. A most excellent capture. We are babysitting my friend's demon cat...our household has been turned upside down. The demon cat wants to kill our cat and us (or at least beat us all up really badly), she has had to be sequestered in the basement...we are scared to go down there. Sigh, we have her for another three weeks.


I have the same dream about the same sort of kitchen which doesn't (yet) exist in my house.
Dreams are the stuff of life aren't they?
ps LOVE the K.Poetry photos everywhere this week, yours in particular are beautiful Ali


I couldn't even swing one of those in my tiny kitchen!!



It reminds me of seeing my little Daphne see our cat cleaning himself today - she thought it was funny! Sounds like the kind of cooking, I always wanted too. If I lived on the side of the world, I'd be sure to stop in one of your goodies!

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