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07 November 2008


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Thanks for the Appley Dappley poem and the lovely photos this week. Being rather fond of pies myself I might well have to give the recipe a try!

tracey petersen

Dapply sounds much better. I'd eat that!

French Knots

I read it as Appley Dapply too!I've enjoyed your kitchen poetry this week, thanks.


The poetry has made me smile all week! Thank you!!

The appley dappy looks great!


Apple dappy; how can I resist anything calling itself dappy?

Errrmm, I thought kitchen poetry went on till Sunday. I've enjoyed doing it, and seeing everyone else's, but will not miss having to post every day!

The Coffee Lady

I am very hungry now. Perhaps I could go out for apples...


That was a very familiar bit of rhyme in my house years ago when my sons were little.
We liked 'Gravy and potatoes in a big brown pot...' too.
Thank you for your kitchen poetry.


I'll have to try this one out sometime but not at the moment as I am all appled out this week after apple whirligig, carrot and apple soup and apple roman cake - phew!!


That looks really yummy! And I think cake, cheese, jam, biscuits, and pie just about sums up all my favorite things (plus apples of course)... K x


Great pictures. I especially liked that very happy cat.

Rhubarb Whine

My first thoughts when seeing this post were also of Beatrix POtter. Great memories.

Chloe Patricia

Thank you for sharing lovely poem and photo, and thank you for putting the link to the receip of Apple Dappy, too.


Thank you for a Monday smile. Pudding tonight will be ...... Apple Dappy... I was looking for a little inspiration..

Mary Smith

How adorable! Literature and baking!


I've really enjoyed your kitchen poetry and this rounds it off perfectly :-)


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Dappy, (which I highly recommend you try, perhaps with some cinnamon too), I misread the title. Consequently, throughout the cooking and eating of it, a little refrain was repeating in my head.Appley Dapply, a littlebrown
mouse,Goes to the cupboard insomebody's
house.In somebody's cu


Apley Dapply I read it too! I love your kitchen poetry this week, I can claim against any thanks.how dappy. Uh, I think poetry until Sunday, the kitchen went. I like to do so, see other people, but will not miss every day after!

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