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05 November 2008


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Wow, that is GORGEOUS. What a burst of color for my morning. I love this image.


Pretty! I love those bowls.

Can I just ask where this kitchen poetry thing has come from? Is it a blog thing or from your clever little head?


oooh. are they the bowls from lakeland?
lovely burst of colour...energising. perhaps looking at your bowls will work better than my caffeine!


awesome photo.


Not a smidgen of real sun I needed that bright picture today


It's crazy in Montreal. We have what we call an "indian summer". It's when in fall, for 5 days, the temperature is 10C higher than normal. Right now it's 15C with sunshine and everything that comes with it :)

Pretty picture!


We don't have the real sunshine here either. Atleast you have some pretty and bright bowls to lighten your day.


Beautifully sunny!


See, your kitchen pictures are yummy. Mine are not. Humph!


Oh! tangy citrus colours.


Sorry to say it, but we have sunshine in spades here today.
Ah Brisbane, you are being good to me!
I copied your litte two colon divider symbol in your heading too. Because I think it looks good.




Lots of sunshine here, just no rain! My new favourite colour combo is orange and yellow so I LOVE this photo!


That would be lovely as a piece of wall art in the kitchen....beautiful.

Lil' d

I'll swap your bowls for my sunshine. I got all excited to wear jeans yesterday, but it's bloomin' hot again today - back to the shorts.


Wow! That's some eye-popping kitchen poetry. Lovely sunny, happy dishes!

painted fish studio

thank you! we haven't seen the sun all week, and it doesn't look like it'll appear any time soon. i needed your artificial sun today...

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