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03 November 2008


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Foolhardy on my part as I've no time to get handy with the Cif let alone post ebvery day but I've just said I'll join in! Thought it sounded fun.


I laughed at your post...I was thinking the same thing! This will be a most excellent project and I am looking forward to seeing everyone's images.

Suzie sews

I love this idea, I think I might do it on my flicker account..after all the kitchen is were you will find all day pretty much every day in the colder weather!!!


I'm not joining in, but I'm enjoying seeing the first posts of the Kitchen Poetry project.

(I use the Lemon Cif myself :-D ) x

Lil' d

Well, there's no way that I could post 30 days of my kitchen - some days it's hard to find the countertop, and you certainly wouldn't want photgraphs of what comes out of the kitchen.

My friend asked me the other day why a husband who loves Mexican food would marry an English girl who likes bland food.


so true! :) nice thinking.
thanks for coming along!


Well, I'm joining in but it's unlikely to be poetry!


Great shot. My kitchen could do with some of that!
I really like you taps by the way.


That does sound like fun - though today's would have to be a rushed late night shot ...

And that's one shiny tap!

janet clare

thanks! I'm playing too!

The Coffee Lady

are you the FLYLADY with the shiny sink?


I'm going to enjoy seeing your moments of kitchen poetry. Don't think I'll join in though as my kitchen really isn't up to it...and it's the size of a shoebox!!



i'm joining too.

here we call CIF, JIF! looks similar in packaging too.

Rhubarb Whine

I popped in to say the same as Tiel - we call it Jif, same packaging and all.

I am a house proud diva, so I will watch and take notes :)


I came to comment on the Jif/Cif thing too.
They have it in Italy too, under the Cif name. I just thought they were crazy Italians changing the name like that. But it turns out that is is just us antipodean cleaners that call it something else.


I don't think I will be enough motivated to join in, but I'll enjoy seeing your pictures everyday.
I still can't help but call it "Jif"!

Alice C

When you have finished polishing your taps could you come here and help with my ironing pile?


I'm in. On a completely "i need to get out more" theme...have you smelt/smelled (!) the tesco naturals cream cleaner!!!! I've never wished to cream clean so much in all my born days. Just thought i'd let you know.


Ah...preparation.Who knew?!


I'm an original Cif kind of girl too. In Italy it used to be called Jif... and we have Oil of Olaz (not for cleaning the kitchen, of course...)

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