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04 November 2008


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Oooh! now that's a question. do i get my biggest kick from putting courgette in cookies so the eldest won't notice, or do i get more satisfaction from telling the big 2 that i've already added sugar to their cereal when i haven't!

And the clashing socks...everyday!


I do the socks thing too. Lime green ones today!


In my case it's probably socks with holes in!! Also hiding very very finely chopped mushrooms in spaghetti bolognese and then blatantly lying to my fungus hating children :-)



When No.1 was smaller and played with Barbies I got a secret thrill every time one of her teeny tiny shoes whizzed up the hoover. I don't know why ... it was mean, wasn't it? But really - Barbie is not a great body role model!



Giving them soup and them not really relating it to eating the veg they say they hate when you serve it to them straight up


Oh, I love this kitchen poetry of yours (and simple sparrow's). Why is making breadcrumbs so satisfying? Maybe it's taking something that might not otherwise get used--stale bread, in this case--and turning it into something useful and important, if undetected.


love the orange sock idea, mine are odd sometimes........


anne/mum from wethreecreate! not actually sure how to do this - have to check with the chief blogger - she with the fab graphics! just wanted to say i love your lovely comments on our blog! love reading your blog but especially look for your comments on ours!! thanks! off now to find out how you actually reply to comments!


Wearing my underpants inside out.
Accidentally, of course.

Mary Smith

What a neat blog you have. I can't remember if I've popped in here before! Love your photos. I've got my work socks on right now, and meatloaf sounds like a great idea. We haven't had that for awhile.


We've rediscovered breadcrumbs recently - to give a crispier topping to cauliflower cheese which has made an inexplicable return to our kitchen. They always smell amazing - as if crumbing them reawakens the breadiness however unfresh the bread.


Mismatched socks everytime!


I always put bread crumbs outside meatloaf, now I will put them inside too. Good idea.

kosenrufu mama

i love your blog, your picture are amazing!
Have a happy kitchen poetry week!!!!


Sticking anchovies in my spagetti bolognese!


eating peanut butter from the jar when nobody is around


Oh how funny, I love wearing odd socks in my boots, just because I alone can know they are odd and no-one else.
I also like stealing from dh's chocolate stash, so causing him to think he is eating faaaaaarr to much chocolate each week. I do the same to his peanuts.
Mean aren't I?

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