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19 November 2008


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speckled egg

I reckon having children makes Christmas magical all over again!


I am an unashamed Christmas addict. I love the whole crackling fire, mulled wine, flickering candles, wrapped up walks, banisters swathed in foliage bit. I LOVE it. And it's odd because it bears no relation to the (very happy) Christmases I remember from my childhood. I wonder what my children will do for their children?

D'you think I need help?!

Mary Smith

I'm getting that Christmasy excitement too!!


That is nice. To be honest, I do have some inner child that is hoping for some amazing Christmas gift to appear for me. It's a bit silly really. I like your new take on things. I might have to start changing my expectations a bit.


I love the way you wrote this Ali, and the idea that we are allowed to embrace Christmas as something to enjoy. x


I like the magic of Christmas too. Having kids around makes it so easy to indulge in the special-ness of the season. So glad you had a lovely time. x


I adore Christmas - every year I wonder if I will be over it and every year I feel the same anticipation building ...


I haven't quite crossed that divide yet... but when I do I know I'll love the whole spirit of Christmas thing. It's good to still believe in the magic.


I absolutely adore Christmas and all the little traditions.The smells and sights.the texture and colours.There is absolutely no better start to the day than coming down the stairs to the smell of a pine tree and twinkling Christmas lights.Perfect not matter what the day ahead hold.Magical.
I am usually a leave it til December person but this year I just can't help myself.I have planned and re-planned all the decorations in my head.I am hoping this year is the best yet.

The Coffee Lady

well if it's allowed to be wonderful, we'd better get cracking then. Bring it on.


what a lovely present, and I suspect one that will come in useful for years to come..


I am beginning to panic now. I haven't started my shopping yet or even know what to buy! Thanks for reminding us of the gift of Christmas spirit.


Oh, what a lovey gift! Can't say I'm feeling that magic yet, but soon...hopefully, soon!

French Knots

What a perfect and thoughtful present. I love Christmas, the planning and list making, baking and eating, decorations and carols - all wonderful!


Yay! You have the Christmas spirit. What a NICE, happy post!!!


Oooh. I really wanted to do this workshop, too, but G wasn't so keen! Sounds like it was fabulous! K x


what a lovely pressie! Sounds like a perfect way to spend a day and thanks for getting the christmas spirit going - I love the build up and the excitement (I think I get just as excited as Amy!)


Well said Speckled Egg.

What a great present


Ooh you lucky thing - what a gorgeous treat. I expect she made some very beautiful things. What did you make???

I think Christmas can be even more magic when there's a little more necessity to hand-make things.


You mean it's just pretend? Damn.


That is SO true. I think that tipping point comes for my late Thanksgiving night.


I have loved Christmas so much more. As an adult seeing the dream through the eyes of your children becomes addictive. I wish we could do it once a month! Expense and all! Jen


Lovely words and sentiments, beautifully written Ali. I love Sarah Ravens approach to pretty much anything, I find her honest, direct, enthusiastic and dynamic, in short very inspiring. I'd love to do what you did, the day sounds fabulous, epsecially the way it has stayed with you.
I am not over the divide yet btw, its still a long way off for me. I am SO last minute it's untrue. I am the perfect headless chicken woman.


I didn't even know I needed a "let's face it" talk about Christmas, but I did. I guess there won't be yards of thick, industrial felt under the tree this year.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

What a lovely Christmas present! Maybe this year I will be able to do more "christmassy stuff" for the family as I have decided not to do any craft fairs - which is quite an achievement!

Lucy x


That's such a lovely present and such lovely sentiments.
Now that Monster's birthday is out of the way I can start to get into the Christmas spirit and I love it!!
Panto in two weeks time. Tree and decorations in early December. Christmas baking to plan. Can't wait :)



Hi Ali
I smiled when I saw you'd been given Sarah Raven's book as last week I received it too for my birthday. It's really lovely photos and clever ways to make flower arrangements inspired me most but the recipes look good too. I really enjoyed a visit to Perch Hill last year but have never been on a course! Lucky you! Enjoy the run up to Christmas. They turned on the Christmas lights in our town today!x


Cool! That must have been lovely to meet Sarah Raven. She seems to have such a flair for these things.

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