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12 November 2008


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There really is no one quite like Nigella for comfort stodge!

Do you also waft about in a black silky dressing gown too!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

It looks yummy - but I'm afraid I couldn't look at the video clip because she makes me SO INSANE!!!!!!!

Please say you're not like her!

Lucy xxx


You did have me going for a minute there! But that does look yummy! Mmm... K x


Ooooh, Nigella dear, my hubby will drop in his tracks when he finds out I'm leaving you a message. He adores you -- and all that lucious cleavage you sport while taping your shows. (Wait 'til I tell him you're on-demand on YouTube -- who knew?) What a way to get the men to watch food network, eh???

I watched and enjoyed every last second of your video (thank you!) And please ignore sweet Lucy -- she's a little off in rabid anticipation of her big weekend!


I do find Nigella rather 'pornographic'. In our house, we refer to her as mucky Nigella - she just seems so naughty!
Oh, and my kitchen looks just like hers too, LOL!



Bad girl. Bad, bad girl. And I speak as someone who has just mangled her Mont Blanc recipe using canned spray cream and a hobnob. Oh, yes - we're classy here.


was just thinking about your 'confined' blog and what it was like when my girls were sick etc. etc. and was going to send sympathetic comment - went on line and read your 'fit for angels' and realised you had lost the plot altogether!!! sure you will all better soon!! made me laugh my unknitted socks off!


show-off ;^)


Oh so glamorous. I like to watch her cookery programmes as she makes it all look so effortless, sashaying about the kitchen and entertaining her stylish friends. Not like my kitchen - flour over the floor, pots piled high, can't find a thing!

tracey petersen

The dessert is a fantasy! oh my...


I have serious lust over her fridge.I would like to marry it I think.
I love Nigella for all her eccentricities. She does a better send up of herself than anyone. Such caricature!

The Coffee Lady

also she seems to have gone out for the evening without a coat

my mother would never have that


Mmm. So does this mean you're the breed of woman who goes to bed fully made up wearing a black silk gown and is to be found in the early hours eating snacks in an immaculate kitchen with the fairy lights still on?

I'd have thought nothing else of course. I think it's your blogname that makes me think of you EVERY time nigella is mentioned. I think i've merged the two of you together!


I was fooled for a moment... I love the sound of that pudding. Might just have to indulge.

Fancy Elastic

yeah, right. lah de dah... who lives like that?!


miss chris

Good grief I love that woman. So, was it fit for angels?? :)

Alice C

That doesn't look like Angel's Delight...

p.s. don't forget the sort of thing that Nigella keeps in her freezer - I am not sure she is a very good role model


I love Nigella, but never forget that she has a team of people cleaning for her. No wonder her stove is always clean!

Lydia Fiedler

Nigella is every woman's secret self-image! This is stellar!!!


PS - love ur blog.


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